Benefits Of Planting Corn Products With Built-In Insect Protection Vs Non-Bt-Traited Corn

July 26, 2022

SmartStax® technology can help save you time, money and effort.

On the surface, corn products without built-in insect protection may appear to be a more economical choice, at least upfront. However, when farmers consider the additional costs that may be required to maintain the same level of protection that is built into Bt traited seed, they are finding that the math is not that simple.


Non-insect-traited corn lacks built-in protection against important, yield-robbing insects, making it vulnerable to hungry pests. As a result, farmers have to dedicate additional time and money to consistently scout for signs of economically damaging insect pests and manage them with soil- or foliar-applied insecticides or other practices to protect their yield potential.


Corn seed protected with SmartStax® technology may end up saving farmers money when it comes time to harvest. By protecting corn from the roots to the ears, SmartStax technology enables farmers to feel confident that their
corn is getting maximum protection from yield-robbing insects all season long.

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