Experts Agree: Thryvon® Technology Is A Great Choice For Cotton Growers.

May 29, 2024

When talking about the latest innovation in cotton traits, experts are using phrases like “game changer” and “a big value to growers” to describe ThryvOn® Technology. On the surface, the cotton plant itself provides visual evidence of how great ThryvOn Technology can be, but the source of these benefits comes from within.

ThryvOn Technology provides built-in protection from the inside out. It’s designed to defend against key tarnished plant bug and thrips species that plague cotton fields. So it’s no wonder experts like Hank Jones (Louisiana), Ben Thrash (Arkansas) and Tyson Raper (Tennessee) agree that ThryvOn Technology is a game-changing innovation for cotton growers.

Check out the video to hear more of their insights on how ThryvOn Technology gives growers a stronger start to the season, has the potential to cut down on insecticide applications, and provides more flexibility when it comes to making those applications*.

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*May help reduce the number of insecticide applications needed for control of key tarnished plant bugs and thrips species.

Scouting is critical to determine which and how many insecticide applications are recommended to avoid economic loss greater than pest management costs (i.e., when economic thresholds are met). Check with your local state extension university for the latest spraying recommendations.