Is My Late-Planted Corn More Susceptible to Insect Pressure?

July 30, 2022

SmartStax® technology offers peace of mind.
Unforeseen circumstances can make planting late unavoidable. Late-planted corn is often more vulnerable to insect pressure as it may be more appealing to insects than corn planted earlier in the season. Also, insect pressure can sometimes build during the season, leading later-planted corn to have more insect destruction and potential for impact on yield come harvest.


Late-planted corn has less time to carry out photosynthesis which can lead to delayed crop development. A late-planted crop with delayed development can be more susceptible to damage from pests like black cutworm, European and southwestern corn borer, fall armyworm and corn earworm.


SmartStax® technology offers protection against the pests that feed on corn no matter when it was planted. With modes of action that cover both above- and below-ground insects, it can offer peace of mind — especially when dealing with vulnerable, late-planted corn.
Check out this #TraitAnswers video for more information about the role trait technology plays when corn has to be replanted early in the season.



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