The Truth About Short Stature Corn Hybrids

March 31, 2018

As a farmer, you may already know a little about short stature corn hybrids and the Smart Corn System.* But separating the rumors from reality can be challenging. We’re here to dispel some myths and confirm the truths about short stature corn hybrids.

Short Stature Corn Hybrids Are Shorter Than Standard Corn Hybrids

This one you likely knew, but short stature corn hybrids were developed to be around one-third shorter than standard corn hybrids. The exact height will vary by hybrid and environment; however, the target plant height will be ≤7 feet tall.

Weed Management Practices Will Need to Change for Short Stature Corn Hybrids

We observe many important similarities between the short stature corn hybrids and standard height corn hybrids, including compatibility with current weed management practices, so farmers can continue their current or preferred weed management system. Although, regardless of the plant height or hybrid, we always recommend to start your weed control strategy early.

Short Stature Corn Hybrids Provide Season-Long Access for Crop Protection and Input Applications With Standard Ground Equipment

When it comes to timely, precise applications of crop protection and inputs, our Short Stature Corn Hybrids allow for season-long access with standard ground equipment. The reduced plant height offers better access to nutrients and insecticides or fungicides with standard equipment when your crops need them most.

Short Stature Corn Hybrids Stand Up Better to Unpredictable Weather Conditions

Short stature corn hybrids were developed to have increased tolerance to high winds and other challenging weather conditions. This increased protection from weather risks and damage reduces the risk of yield loss from lodging and greensnap.

Combine Headers Can’t Get Low Enough to Harvest Short Stature Corn Hybrids

The short stature corn hybrids were developed with harvesting in mind. While exact height will vary, the target ear height of short stature corn hybrids will be equal or greater than 2 feet from the soil. This should maintain compatibility with standard harvest equipment.

Some Fields With Short Stature Corn Hybrids May Appear to Have Visible Tall Corn Off-Types

As with any hybrid corn seed production, non-uniform plants can be present. Due to the reduced plant height in the short stature corn hybrids, these non-uniform plants will be visibly apparent as they could be as much as 18-24 inches taller than the nearby short stature corn hybrids. However, this should have no impact on yield potential.

Short Stature Corn Hybrids Will Make Farmers Lose Yield Potential

Short stature corn hybrids show promise in unlocking yield potential and reducing overall business risk for farmers. Short stature corn hybrids allow for increased opportunity to optimize crop inputs, planting densities and field placement while mitigating risks from high winds and challenging weather conditions.

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