Provost Silver Trial Data

October 5, 2021

Provost® Silver Slays Leaf Spot

Win the battle against early and late leaf spot with the systemic activity provided by Provost Silver.

tackle leaf spot with the help of provost silver fungicide chart shows efficacy against disease compared to other products

Provost Silver Provides Better Control of White Mold

Growers accustomed to the consistent control Provost Opti provided will also see the difference Provost Silver makes in combating white mold.

Chart shows Provost Silver Fungicide helps control incidence of white mold compared to other products

Pick More Peanuts with Provost Silver

University trials across the Southeast show Provost Silver consistently delivers higher yields than the standard chlorothalonil treatment and yield an average of 200 lb./A more than Provost Opti.

chart shows adding provost silver to a peanut application rotation contributed to higher average yields compared to other products

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