Raxil® PRO MD Trial Data

February 12, 2022

Trial data shows wheat treated with Raxil® PRO MD showed stronger emergence, better protection and an increased yield potential compared to untreated seed.

Even under adverse conditions, wheat treated with Raxil PRO MD emerges up to 15% stronger than untreated wheat seeds.

bar chart shows improved emergence for raxil pro md in south dakota north dakota and montana

Only 45 days after planting, Raxil PRO MD provides improved protection against Rhizoctonia compared to competitor-treated and untreated seeds.

bar chart shows higher root rating for spring wheat after planting with raxil pro md compared to competitors

Seeds treated with Raxil PRO MD provide better protection against seeds infected with Fusarium resulting in high initial and final emergence compared to untreated seeds and competitor-treated seeds.

bar chart shows raxil pro md emergence

Wheat treated with Raxil PRO MD has a 3.2% average yield increase over untreated seeds.

chart shows better yield with yield increase over a 4 year average for raxil pro md