Raxil® PRO Shield Trial Data

April 12, 2022

Trial data shows wheat treated with Raxil® PRO Shield results in a healthier crop with increased disease and insect protection capable of producing higher yields.

Raxil PRO Shield provides protection against Rhizoctonia and improves plant health for higher yields.

Growth chamber study illustrating how Raxil PRO Shield protects seed against Rhizoctonia mycelial growth

Seeds treated with Raxil PRO Shield result in a healthier crop showing a 1.5 bu./A average yield increase when compared to untreated seeds.

bar chart showsr axil pro shield delivers better yield compared to untreated seeds

Seeds treated with Raxil PRO Shield show more plants, higher vigor and fewer diseased plants than untreated seeds.

bar chart shows better overall perofrmance for crops treated with raxil pro shield

Seeds treated with Raxil PRO Shield have fewer Fusarium-infected plants than UTC-inoculated seeds.

bar chart shows raxil pro shield decreasing fusarium-infected plants compared to utc-inoculated