Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide Trial Data

September 21, 2022

Value of a Higher A.E. Concentration

With the highest concentration of glyphosate acid equivalent-per-gallon in the U.S. market, Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide exceeds even the current Roundup® Brand Agricultural Herbicides like Roundup WeatherMAX® and Roundup PowerMAX® Herbicides. With a higher A.E. concentration, farmers can cover more acres per gallon, which means less packaging, gallons to purchase and product to spray compared to competitors.

Roundup PowerMAX 3 vs competitors’ comparison for lower A.E per gallon, and higher use rates based on 160-acre area

Best-In-Class Terminal Network and Logistics

Retailers can fill and stock Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide with the logistical reassurance of readily available glyphosate. A 265 gallon cube covers 1130 acres and, with 95% of deliveries happening within 5 business days, retailers and growers alike can be confident in our ability to quickly move abundant quantities of glyphosate across the country.

265-gallon cube covers 1130 acres with Roundup PowerMAX 3 vs. competitors

Unique Surfactant Aids in Product Efficiency

Surfactants are key for weed control because they increase spreading, retention and absorption. Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide has a unique surfactant package with proven performance.

Roundup PowerMAX 3 herbicide surfactants vs. surfactantless glyphosate weed control images

2017 & 2018 common lambsquarters control 14 DAT herbicide rate comparison

Non-selective Foliar Control of Both Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds

Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide outperforms surfactantless glyphosate products in the non-selective foliar control of both grasses and broadleaf weeds.

2017 & 2018 grasses and broadleaf weed control herbicide rate comparison

The small plot response of key crops just 7 days after the last application of treatment can clearly be seen in Roundup PowerMAX® 3 Herbicide when compared to Roundup PowerMAX® Herbicide.

Roundup PowerMAX 3 herbicide performance response 7 days after last application treatment for corn, soybeans and cotton

Roundup PowerMAX 3 herbicide performance response 7 days after last application treatment for sugarbeet and alfalfa