TriVolt™ Herbicide Trial Data

November 14, 2022

TriVolt Herbicide Trial Data

Extensive Internal and External Testing including Academics

2020 and 2021 Field Testing Locations for Market Development of Trivolt Herbicide Protocols

46 internal trials
46 academic/external trials

Walk Through One of Our Trial Sites with Cody, a Bayer Tech Development Specialist

Nortonville, IL (Internal Location) - 2021
8 weeks after PRE

Check out how TriVolt herbicide performs compared to the competition.

Before pic of testing with TriVolt Herbicide
Untreated Plot

After pic of filed test with Acuron herbicide compared to TriVolt
Acuron® (3 qt./A)

After pic of Resicore herbicide compared to Trivolt herbicide
Resicore® (3 qt./A) + Atrazine (1 qt./A)

After pic of testing with TriVolt herbicide
TriVolt™ (20 fl. oz./A) + Atrazine (1 qt./A)

Trivolt herbicide performance compared to Acuron and Resicore
Data from 2020 & 2021 TriVolt herbicide trials

Trivolt herbicide trial data 35 days after mid-postemergence applications
Data from 2020 & 2021 TriVolt herbicide trials