What’s New for Bayer PLUS Rewards?

MY21 Program Year Updates

Rewards are always in season – and the Bayer PLUS Rewards 2021 program year has just begun. With more robust crop protection products, new partnerships and exciting opportunities, the 2021 program year is ready to maximize its value for program members and retail partners across the U.S.

Enrollment is evergreen, making it easier to continue earning rewards this season without having to re-enroll.

Bayer PLUS Rewards will be very similar to last year, but there are some new updates, which can help you, and local retailers, earn rewards all season long.

What’s New for MY21 Program Year

  1. 2021 Remains Consistent
    The continuation of the Bayer PLUS Rewards program is an exciting opportunity. With only subtle changes made to the program, you can be assured only small updates have been made to maximize the value of the program for you and your operation.
  2. Access All Your Purchases and Rewards
    Growers have access to additional tools, products and ways to earn more rewards. For the first time, you can access all your previous eligible purchases at once and track your incentives with increased transparency right on your dashboard. Eligible purchases after September 1, 2020, will be visible in your account starting in May 2021.
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  3. Redeem Rewards With Ease
    Within the Bayer PLUS Rewards online portal, you can request a rewards check with only a few clicks of a mouse. The check can be made out to you, your retailer or even a charity of your choosing. Redeeming your rewards is hassle-free, anytime of the season.
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  4. Improved Bayer PLUS Rewards Calculator
    The Bayer PLUS Rewards Calculator has been updated to help you make key input decisions throughout the season. Use the calculator tool to see how you can maximize rewards with this season’s purchases to invest in your operation.
  5. Enhanced Retail Partner Communications
    Bayer is committed to improving the tools and communication with our trusted retail partners. Across the U.S., retailer portals and email communications will help our partners provide flexible choices, create trust and drive positive business results.
  6. Leverage the Climate Fieldview™ Platform
    An exciting new partnership between Bayer and the Climate FieldView™ Platform, an innovative digital analytics tool, will also provide you with the opportunity to get your data in one place, uncover valuable field insights and help optimize your inputs. Enjoy free for one year with enrollment in Bayer PLUS Rewards!

Bayer PLUS Rewards is designed to provide more opportunities to growers and retailers to help maximize the value of every acre planted. If you are not already a Bayer PLUS Rewards member, check out the top 7 reasons to sign up for the program.

Are you excited for the 2021 program year? GET STARTED NOW by signing into Bayer PLUS Rewards.

See ALL PROGRAM DETAILS for redemption minimum thresholds and early reward redemption period restrictions.