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Accessing Your Grower’s Loyalty Rewards Is Easy

You've heard how growers can earn 10% more with the new Bayer PLUS Loyalty Rewards. Follow along as we walk you through the easy process of how you can access your grower's 10% selections in our Retailer Portal.

What to expect for Loyalty Rewards redemptions that your growers send directly to you.

To help encourage Growers to redeem and send their redemption checks to their retailers, we’ve made the process for them very simple. There are a few additional steps that retailers need to take. Watch the video above for more information about:

  1. Timing for checks being sent to retailers
  2. What the envelopes of checks will look like.
  3. How to use the retailer portal to see which of your growers have redeemed and used Loyalty Rewards option.
  4. Other helpful tips.


Retailer Portal Overview

Learn how to use the Bayer PLUS Rewards Retailer Portal in a step-by-step process.