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Q+A: Evaluating Soybean Performance Data

Harvest can be a rewarding time of year when you see the hard work you’ve put in throughout the season. Once harvest is complete, take time to evaluate data to optimize soybean performance and profitability potential for seasons to come. Learn how Climate Fieldview™ data can aawork hard for you so you can get the most out of every Asgrow® soybean acre and increase your soybean yield potential.

Q: What should I look at when analyzing harvest data?

A: With the Climate FieldView Yield Analysis Tool and Field Region Reports, you can review and compare positive and negative product performance in accordance with varying environments and conditions, farms, planting populations, soil types, and management practices and application rates. From this data, make notes on what you can tweak, improve upon, or try next year to potentially increase soybean yield. With Climate FieldView, it’s easy to use digital maps side-by-side to compare critical field data layers and determine how agronomic practices can impact yield so you can generate crop performance reports and choose from the large portfolio of specially tailored Asgrow soybean products with elite genetics for next season.

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Q: I didn’t find monumental data – now what?

A: It’s all in the details – don’t ignore even the smallest data leads. Even small leads can help form larger conclusions in the future when data is analyzed over multiple years and layers. When improving soybean yield performance, it’s important to make management decisions based on multiple sets of data, rather than placing importance on the most recent year’s data set. The more you build on each year of data, the more knowledge you will be able to utilize when making management decisions. Every year is different, and conclusions should be made based on the aggregate of the data. Remember the more times you compare or test a product or practice, the more informed your decision-making process can be. Anything can happen once. We want to look for trends and patterns and repeatable performance to have greater confidence in our decisions to increase soybean yield and overall soybean performance.

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Q: How can my agronomist help me improve soybean performance with this data?

A: Sitting down with your agronomist can help you better understand data results and ROI across acres, leading to more informed management decisions about soybean seed selection and placement, fertility, and other inputs. Your agronomist can also help provide insight into why you might have seen a yield difference that was smaller or larger than you expected. Data privacy is very important, so we are careful not to share any private or sensitive information about what we observe on other customer farms. However, we do have the ability to see products and practices in many environments across multiple operations, which can provide a clearer and more accurate picture of soybean performance.

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