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Asgrow® Brand National Yield Contest

Is this the year you grow beyond limits? You could be one of our Asgrow® brand yield winners. Because when you're all about the beans, you go all out.

Are you a yield winner? Prove it.

A new year calls for a new yield record. Think you have what it takes in you and your fields to achieve it? In addition to accolades, you could win a trip to the 2025 Commodity Classic. Farmer entry deadline is Nov. 22, 2024, and the deadline to enter harvest data is Dec. 15, 2024. Now get after it. It's grow time.

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Meet the ASGROW® Yield Contest Winners

See the growers and products that pushed their yield potential and performance to bring home a win.

Alex Harrell Leesburg GA AG48X9 Brand 206.7
Alexander Evans Centreville MD AG38XF3 Brand 128
Temple Rhodes Centreville MD AG48XF3 Brand 122
Josh Anthis Sandborn IN AG35XF1 Brand 120.3
Peter Secondino West Terra Haute IN AG33XF3 Brand 119.2
Kevin Hayden Mayfield KY AG49XF3 Brand 119
Layne Miles McGehee AR AG46X0 Brand 116.2
Josh Pourchot Greenville IL AG38XF1 Brand 115
Randy Rogers Minier IL AG40XF1 Brand 114.53
Anthony White Laurel NE AG27XF3 Brand 110
Jon Langenberg Norfolk NE AG30XF2 Brand 108
Andy Hendrix Bement IL AG33XF3 Brand 107.5
Trent Kritsch Winchester IN AG31XF2 Brand 107.5
Midthun Brothers   Arlington WI AG24XF1 Brand 107.4
Shawn O'Brien Clinton Il AG35XF1 Brand 106.9
Jacob Meyer Concord IL AG42XF4 Brand 106
Brian Lill LeMars IA AG24XF1 Brand 104.8
Michael Young Clinton SC AG54XF0 Brand 103.22
Randy Haars Geneseo IL AG33XF3 Brand 103
Pete Crowel Delphi IN AG33XF3 Brand 102.98
Bruce Huber Lamoure ND AG09XF3 Brand 101.3
Joston Wassom Davenport NE AG32XF2 Brand 100.9
Jordan Cox Monroe NC AG43XF2 Brand 100.8
Blake Arends Little Rock IA AG21XF0 Brand 99.1
Eight Oaks Farms   Elmwood IL AG35XF1 Brand 99
Justin Dammann Essex IA AG35XF1 Brand 99
Matt Steinert Covington OK AG41XF2 Brand 98.5
Alan Borton Wilmington OH AG33XF3 Brand 97.41
Michael Meier Clarinda IA AG35XF1 Brand 97.2
Gregg Sexton Abilene KS AG41XF2 Brand 96.3
Charles Blowers Gothenburg NE AG27XF3 Brand 94.6
Michael Crowley Sturgeon MO AG43XF2 Brand 94.42
Tim Hilby Dubuque IA AG28XF3 Brand 94
Hertzfeld Bros. Farms   Delta OH AG25XF3 Brand 93.58
Lanpher Farms   Advance MO AG46X6 Brand 93.4
Steve Neill Waterford OH AG37XF3 Brand 93.2
Paul Gangwish Shelton NE AG31XF2 Brand 93.1
Hertzfeld Bros. Farms   Delta OH AG24XF1 Brand 92.94
Brian Hoffman Sutton ND AG06XF3 Brand 92.4
Mike Whitman Calamus IA AG31XF2 Brand 92
Jordan Redalen Fountain MN AG20XF1 Brand 91.4
Kyle Van Bogaert Belmont WI AG26XF1 Brand 91.2
Brian Wettstein Lidgerwood ND AG09XF3 Brand 91
Jim Penske Belview MN AG21XF0 Brand 91
Bryan Schrader Sperry IA AG33XF3 Brand 90
Taylar Bohl Kensington KS AG37XF1 Brand 89.1
Matt Daniels Colbert GA AG48X9 Brand 88.6
Mark White Coweta OK AG48X7 Brand 88
Mike Krcil Glencoe MN AG20XF1 Brand 87
Robert Engh Goldfield IA AG24XF1 Brand 85
Nick Dolezal Danube MN AG19XF3 Brand 83
Alex Noll WINCHESTER KS AG41XF2 Brand 80.4
Matt Holstad Northwood IA AG19XF3 Brand 77
Dan Bigham TOPEKA KS AG37XF1 Brand 75.1
Chris Johnson Flandreau SD AG18XF1 Brand 71.48

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