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Asgrow Yield Contest

This could be your year. It's time for the 2023 Asgrow National Yield Contest and there's a lot more than just bragging rights on the line. Enter to win and you could earn a trip to the 2024 Commodity Classic in Houston. The farmer entry deadline is 12/8/23, and the deadline to enter harvest data is 1/12/24. Best of luck.



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Meet the ASGROW® Yield Contest Winners

See the growers and products that pushed their yield potential and performance to bring home a win.

Temple Rhodes Centreville MD AG48XF2 141.3
Jimmy Frederick Rulo NE AG35XF1 135.9
Alexander Evans Centreville MD AG38XF1 131.8
Matt Miles McGehee AR AG46X0 122.43
Peter Secondino West Terre Haute IN AG38XF1 121.9
Jacob Meyer Concord IL AG35XF1 115
Mike Shelton Donnellson IL AG40XF1 113.2
Philip Dague Oakland IL AG38XF1 112
Cory Atley Cedarville OH AG43XF2 111
Jon Langenberg Norfolk NE AG30XF2 110
Kevin Hayden Mayfield KY AG48X9 110
Ned Kalis Wells MN AG18XF1 108
Matt Steinert Covington OK AG46XF2 107
Tyler Richardson Wesport IN AG40XF1 105.6
Tim Appell Shullsburg WI AG26XF1 105.3
Don & Doug Midthun Arlington WI AG20X9 104.2
Jostin Wossom Davenport NE AG32XF2 101.5
Simmy Williams Shiloh NC AG48XF2 98.8
Andy Lanpher Advance MO AG46X6 98.5
Jeff Samuelson Tipton IA AG31XF2 97
Brian Wettstein Lidgerwood ND AG07XF2 95.3
Dennis Wentworth Downs IL AG31XF2 95
Kevin Lansing Ossian IA AG24XF1 94.18
Matt Daniels Colbert GA AG48X9 94
Scott Farrow Ledyard IA AG21XF0 94
Brock Dailey Arnold NE AG27X8 93.4
John Emerick Macomb IL AG38XF1 93
Brian Jostpille Elida OH AG27XF1 90.72
David Price Clarinda IA AG31XF2 90.1
Jarett Andersen Blair NE AG31XF2 90
Chris Hunt Granville IA AG20X9 89.96
Tim Brand Glasgow MO AG41XF2 89.3
Vernon Hueftle Eustis NE AG27X8 88.6
Ben Merrick Lettsworth LA AG42XF2 88.1
Ethan Boyer Panora IA AG24XF1 88.1
Tom Taunton Belgrade MN AG11XF2 87.5
Michael Young Clinton SC AG48X9 87.29
Anthony Hertzfeld Waterville OH AG35XF1 86.7
Dan Hartmann Sycamore IL AG29XF1 84
Gregg Sexton Abilene KS AG41XF2 83.1
Eugene Johnson Flandreau SD AG18XF1 82.5
Pat Staudt Clarion IA AG24XF1 81
Klint Moser Decatur IN AG30XF0 80.76
Marshall Landis Three Rivers MI AG31XF2 80.22
Brian Hoffman Sutton ND AG03X7 79.4
Dan Julius Freeport IL AG20XF1 79
Donald Knudtson Lake Mills IA AG21XF0 79
Levi Rapp Harwood MO AG41XF2 77
Jon Kramer Cosmos MN AG20X9 74
Dennis Moon Colbert GA AG48X9 72
Jimmy Penkse Belview MN AG17XF2 71
Taylar Bohl Kensington KS AG37XF1 70.8
Dan Bigham Topeka KS AG37XF1 68.16
Brian Schmidt Marion SD AG30XF2 46.2

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