Become a Channel® Seedsman

What Sets Us Apart Sets You Up for Success

At Channel, we don't have seed salesmen — we have Seedsmen. When you become a Channel Seedsman, you’ll have access to innovative tools and farmer-focused programs that help you deliver expert advice and customized service year-round. You’ll also be armed with elite seed products and the latest trait innovations, and the information you need to place them to perform.

When you’re invested in the success of every farmer — backed by a team that’s invested in your business too — everyone succeeds.

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Your Hands Are Your Resume

You can learn a lot about someone by looking at their hands. And our Seedsmen’s hands have stories to tell — ones of service, community and dedication. No matter the weather or the miles away, we show up.

How We Invest in You

To help Seedsmen better serve their farmers and stand out from the competition, we provide innovative tools and easily accessible resources — and we’re constantly working to improve and add to what we offer. It’s our team’s goal to help you achieve success and keep growing, too. Below, see some of the ways Channel invests in you.

Marketing Tools

As a Channel Seedsman, you have access to comprehensive marketing tools and support across multiple channels — some that can be customized for your local business — including:

  • Digital tools to use in conversations with your farmers
  • Direct mail programs
  • Field and facility signs
  • Event support
  • Local marketing materials
  • Sales collateral
  • Financing and programs
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Why Our Year-Round Commitment Is Rewarding

Working for Channel means you get to know each of your farmers and their operation firsthand. With the help of digital tools like the Climate FieldView™ platform, this year-round commitment is delivered through a branded experience we call the Field Check Up Series. It’s what sets Channel apart from other seed brands, and it’s why farmers see their Seedsman as a partner in their success.

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"I chose to become a Channel Seedsman because of the people. I was attracted to the brand and the performance, but the people behind the brand are what separates it from everything else in the industry."


Join the Team That’s Making a Difference

At Channel, every season is an opportunity to build a lifetime of farming success. We’re committed to making the most of each and every season to help our customers maximize their profitability with expert advice, customized service and elite seed products. If you think you have what it takes to be the best of the best, contact us to learn about becoming a Channel Seedsman.