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Field Check Up Series

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Being a Channel farmer means having a dedicated Channel Seedsman visit your farm throughout the growing season, leveraging the latest technology — including the Climate FieldView™ platform — to observe your crops during their key stages of development. We call this the Channel® Field Check Up Series, and it’s a way for you and your Seedsman to build a better plan.

Let us walk you through each stage of the Field Check Up Series.

Seeds of Success

The seedling stage is where you and your Seedsman carry out your plans for success. During this visit, your Seedsman will use FieldView™ to evaluate field conditions, identify challenges so you can get out ahead of them and deliver a Custom Crop Report.

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Promoting a Healthy Season

To promote crop health and set you up for success, your Seedsman will work with you to evaluate nutrient needs as well as insect, weed and disease pressure; document progress in FieldView; look ahead by prioritizing fields and areas of concern; and deliver a Custom Crop Report.

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Looking Out for Your Plants

Following up on the last visit, your Seedsman will use FieldView to monitor overall plant health and evaluate pollination in corn and pod set in soybeans, and summarize the visit in a Custom Crop Report.

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The Home Stretch

As harvest approaches, your Seedsman will follow up on notes from the previous visit, perform final yield estimates and help create a field-by-field harvest schedule. You’ll also receive a Custom Crop Report with valuable data and observations to help you plan for the next season.

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Custom Crop Reports

With Custom Crop Reports, your Seedsman provides you a detailed report for every Field Check Up Series visit and a final summary at the end of the season. Each report is filled with year-round observations and scouting notes for each of your fields. These reports play an important role in helping you and your Seedsman prepare for the next growing season.

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