Corn Planting Population Research

Where Do Recommendations Come From?

Maximizing yield and profit potential is about placing the best seed product for your field at its optimal planting population. This is a goal shared by every farmer, but every farmer has different field conditions, soil types, weather conditions and a variety of other agronomic factors. To optimize management recommendations, the Product Characterization Team at Bayer evaluates the effects of planting population on yield potential across multiple environments.

The data that makes up those recommendations is thanks to specialized research machinery developed by Bayer that allows Bayer researchers to organize and precisely manage seed and information for field trials. This automated planter has the capacity to evaluate multiple populations of products at multiple row widths at a single testing location. This capability leads to more than 4,300 unique cell rows of seed in a single field, allowing Bayer to make more than 100,000 yield observations in one season. The massive amount of data collected from testing programs using the specialized research machinery can help farmers select the right products and planting populations to achieve maximum yield and profit potential.