Custom Crop Report

A Summary of Every Field Check Up Series Visit

With field-by-field data from the Climate FieldView™ platform, Custom Crop Reports are designed to help you gain insights from each stage with detailed observations from your Channel SeedPro. Studying your wins and challenges will help you and your Seedsman make adjustments along the way and create a plan for maximizing next season’s success.

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How can the Custom Crop Report benefit you?
Icon of Access Observations Instantly
Access Observations InstantlyView your Channel SeedPro's findings from every Field Check Up Series visit throughout the year.
Icon of Get Timely Recommendations
Get Timely RecommendationsGet recommendations from your Channel SeedPro based on firsthand observations and notes.
Icon of  Make Data-Driven Decisions
Make Data-Driven DecisionsUtilize FieldView™ to help make data-driven decisions all season long to maximize yield potential and improve yield success.

What's Inside a Channel® Custom Crop Report

A Summary of the Stage Visit

A Custom Crop Report starts with notes from your Channel SeedPro summarizing their Field Check Up Series visits. These notes include an overall assessment of your fields and actionable recommendations you can take to maximize success.

Pinpoint Details

Utilizing FieldView, your Channel SeedPro shares images of the field check up visits and includes a pin marking the location of specific areas of interest. Photos and detailed notes are also included within each observation made in a particular field.

Easy to Access Agronomy Articles

In addition to its intuitive design and enhanced data visualization, the Custom Crop Report makes it easy to access agronomy articles related to the visit by referencing them on the first page.

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