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Supporting Farmers With Innovative Solutions

The product pipeline from the Bayer Crop Science division is focused on innovations that help farmers produce more while reducing inputs. And because every acre faces some degree of stress at some point in the growing season, our breeding research looks for ways to mitigate these stressors through disease resistance and improving the health of plants.

These products offer farmers confidence that they can achieve higher yields and better crop protection against the environmental stresses and pests they face every day.

Explore the corn and soybean pipeline below


Phase 4

  • SmartStax® PRO Technology

  • 3rd-Generation Herbicide-Tolerant

Phase 3

  • 4th-Generation Herbicide-Tolerant

  • 4th-Generation Above-Ground Insect-Protected Corn

  • 4th-Generation Below-Ground Insect-Protected Corn (Rootworm Control)

Phase 2

  • Higher-Yielding Corn

  • 5th-Generation Herbicide-Tolerant Stalk Rot Complex

  • 5th-Generation Above-Ground Insect-Protected Corn

Phase 1

  • Future-Generation Higher-Yielding Corn

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