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Choose the Right Seed for Your Fields

When you plant Channel® seed, you’re planting more than just seed. Every Channel product undergoes a rigorous selection process using field-proven, precision-breeding technology to help you maximize plant vigor and yield potential. Your Channel SeedPro will work closely with you to make the best product recommendations with the highest performance potential for your growing conditions, helping to ensure your success.

Corn Products

Channel corn seed products are tested under a wide range of growing conditions. You can be confident that you will find the best possible genetics for your local growing area.

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Soybean Products

Channel soybeans offer enhanced genetic diversity and more options to help maximize your performance across different conditions and different needs.

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Additional Products

Silage Seed

Corn silage is an important forage source. Channel silage produces high-yielding, good quality feed for dairy and beef cattle production.

Grain and Forage Sorghum Seed

Channel sorghum features a broadened germplasm base with a long-standing reputation for performance potential.

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Boost Your Efforts to Improve Yield Potential

In addition to choosing and placing the right products for your fields, Channel offers a variety of products designed to help you better manage and protect your crop all season long. With advanced weed and pest control solutions, your Channel SeedPro is here with recommendations designed to help you maximize your potential.

Trait Technology

Using field-proven, precision-breeding technology, every Channel product is specially selected to help maximize your plant health and yield potential.

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