Protect Your Potato Crop Against Threats You Can’t See:

Manage Nematodes with Velum Prime

Protect from Nematode Damage with Velum Prime

Protect your potatoes from nematode damage with Velum Prime, a fungicide/nematicide from Bayer.

Velum® Prime Is Your Solution for Post-planting Nematode Protection

Previously, growers had limited in-season options to protect their potatoes from nematodes. Bayer now offers a solution with Velum Prime, a nematicide with fungicidal activity that suppresses nematodes, fights damaging diseases and helps provide higher yields. Velum Prime is a fungicide/nematicide that can be conveniently applied during the season through irrigation systems.

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How it Pays to Use Velum Prime

  • +41 CWT/A average increased yield1
  • $279/A average increase in profits2
  • Effective wide-spectrum nematode management
  • Foliar and soil disease suppression including white mold, early blight and Verticillium wilt (early dying complex)
  • Long residual effects mean fewer applications and less hassle

Velum Prime Provides Multiple Solutions

  • Fast, effective and long-term management of key nematodes
  • Residual efficacy at unprecedented low application rate via chemigation
  • Profitable and sustainable farm management
  • Long residual effects mean fewer applications and less hassle
  • Better innovation chemistry: not restricted use

Studies have shown that Velum Prime helps suppress diseases and improve yield.

    Velum® Prime
  • Root health protection to help establish the crop
  • Increased yield
  • Wide-spectrum nematicidal activity
  • Suppression of key diseases
  • Ease of application
  • Can be part of a complete nematode management program

Four Symptoms That Show Your Potato Crop Is Suffering from Nematodes
Root and tuber damage
Wilting and stunted growth
Disease transmission and Verticillium wilt (early dying complex)
Up to 90% annual yield loss³
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