Welcome to the 2021 South Texas Field Day

Here you’ll have access to our virtual local showcase of the latest products, technology and best practices from DEKALB® and Deltapine® brands — your official sponsors of success.
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DEKALB® Brand Corn

For more than a century, the DEKALB® brand has created a legacy of incredible innovation and performance potential in the field. Take a look at our products for 2022, and see which ones will help you get the most out of your fields next season.

Product Performance

DKC65-99 Brand performs across any kind of acre or population.

DEKALB® Brand Sorghum

Count on DEKALB® brand sorghum for consistent performance and high yield potential, including excellent standability, insect and disease protection and excellent threshability. Check out these DEKALB® sorghum options for South Texas in 2022.

Product Performance

DKS40-76 Brand is a new medium-maturity hybrid that is the first to carry both disease tolerance and aphid protection.

Deltapine® Brand Cotton

Deltapine® brand cotton is bred in Texas for the tough growing conditions of Texas, then put to the test by Texas growers like you. Take a look at our featured products for 2022, and see why South Texas continues to be Deltapine territory.

Product Performance

DP 1646 B2XF Brand remains the top-selling cotton four years running, with high yield potential and excellent fiber quality.

ThryvOn™ Technology

Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ cotton with XtendFlex® Technology will be the industry’s first biotech trait to provide built in protection or suppression of key thrips and tarnished plant bugs. Making its regional debut in the Deltapine Class of ’21 as DP 2131 B3TXF brand. Pending regulatory approvals.

Expand your Toolkit

Increase your performance with tools designed to support your decisions from planning through harvest.

Protecting Crops From High Wind and Heavy Rain

Listen to a pair of South Texas producers discuss how they’re managing through an incredibly wet early summer so far.

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