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There’s more to being a Yield Chaser than operating in Southern Illinois and counting on DEKALB® and Asgrow® brand solutions.

Meet Your Team

Every year, you face different challenges, and local product/environmental advice is vital for strong, season-long performance. Your DEKALB® and Asgrow® brand Southern Illinois team is an excellent source of local knowledge to help you succeed this season.

Icon of Adam
AdamAdam supports Bond, Clinton and Washington counties.
Icon of Todd
ToddTodd supports Calhoun, Greene, Jersey, Macoupin and Montgomery counties.
Icon of John
JohnJohn supports Madison, St. Clair, Monroe and Randolph counties.
Icon of Luke
LukeLuke supports Clark, Cumberland, Jasper and Crawford counties.
Icon of Michelle
MichelleMichelle supports Gallatin, Richland, Lawrence, Wabash, Edwards, Wayne, White and Hamilton counties.
Icon of Sarah (Dintelmann) Wagner
Sarah (Dintelmann) WagnerSarah supports supports Alexander, Franklin, Hardin, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Union, and Williamson counties
Icon of Derek Smith
Derek SmithDerek supports Effingham and Shelby counties
Icon of Alec Byous
Alec ByousAlec supports Clay, Jefferson, and Marion counties.

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VT Double PRO® Trait Focus

This product guide is recommended for non-corn rootworm prominent areas highlighting VT Double Pro RIB Complete Corn Blend and Trecepta RIB Complete Corn Blend Products.

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2023 Products to Watch

The best deserve the best. Browse the top-performing products from DEKALB® and Asgrow® brands and stake your claim as a Yield Chaser.

The New DEKALB® Brand Lineup

DEKALB® brand provides premier, performance-protected products offering yield and ROI potential.

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2023 Product Spotlight - DKC62-70RIB

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2023 Product Spotlight - DKC66-18RIB

2023 Product Spotlight - DKC67-94RIB

DEKALB® Disease Shield®

Tested and proven, DEKALB® Disease Shield offers protection against the five most yield-robbing corn diseases.

Field Sales Representative Grower Grower City Product Yield Moisture
Luke Kocher Williams Bros Farms Martinsville DKC 64-65RIB 332 25
Todd Price Don Dugan Carlinville DKC65-95RIB 328.1 15
Todd Price Jeff Arkebauer Witt DKC65-95RIB 325.4 18.3
Adam Uhrhan Ratermann Bros. Bartelso DKC65-95RIB 325 18.1
Alec Byous Tedford Farms Dundas DKC67-94RIB 324.8 17.4
Luke Kocher Utterback Farms Robinson DKC66-18RIB 320.4 19.4
Derek Smith Tom Roepke Altamont DKC 59-82RIB 320.3 22.2
Sarah Dintelmann Braden Short Norris City DKC67-94RIB 318.6 22.4
Todd Price Dustin Rosenthal Morrisonville DKC63-91RIB 315.4 18.5
Todd Price Ryan VanTuyle Roodhouse DKC62-89RIB 312.1 27
Adam Uhrhan J&G Enterprises Addieville DKC66-18RIB 312 26.3
Luke Kocher P&S Secondino Family FLLP Shirkieville, IN K113-01wrib 311.3 14.2
Derek Smith Floyd & Alex Holkenbrink Teutopolis DKC62-70RIB 310.4 18.1
Derek Smith Scott Hoene Neoga DKC 67-94RIB 309.5 16.1
Todd Price Wayne Rosenthal Morrisonville DKC66-18RIB 308.9 15
Derek Smith Jeff and Wayne Probst Mattoon DKC 66-18RIB 308.6 22
Sarah Dintelmann Miller Farms McLeansboro DKC66-18RIB 308.6 25.7
Luke Kocher Wells Brothers Farm Martinsville DKC66-18RIB 308.1 21.5
Luke Kocher Ryan Farms Casey DKC65-95RIB 304 20
Luke Kocher Ray and Kenny Flood Toledo DKC 66-18RIB 302 19.2
Luke Kocher Cramer Farms Yale DKC63-57RIB 302 20.3
Todd Price Miller Bros Virden DKC65-95RIB 301 18.7
Adam Uhrhan Kurt Sudholt Albers DKC67-94RIB 300.1 20.7
Derek Smith Worman Farms Teutopolis DKC 65-95RIB 300 23
Luke Kocher William Michl Newton DKC66-18RIB 298.9 23.3
Derek Smith Kyle Pruemer Teutopolis DKC 66-18RIB 297.8 22
Derek Smith Blake Durbin Stewardson DKC 63-91RIB 297.5 18.7
Derek Smith Aaron Niebbrugge Sigel DKC 65-84RIB 297 16.5
Sarah Dintelmann Trovillion Farms Grantsburg DKC66-18RIB 297 15
Derek Smith Kevin Probst Effingham DKC66-18RIB 296.8 17.1
Derek Smith Josh and Jake Schumacher Stewardson DKC66-18RIB 295.5 26.1
Sarah Dintelmann Blake Luckett Ridgway DKC67-94RIB 295.2 22.5
Derek Smith Will Dairy Teutopolis DKC 66-17RIB 295 22.1
Derek Smith Dave Croft Jewett DKC 66-18RIB 295 19.2
Alec Byous Third Day Brownstown DKC66-18RIB 294.9 21
Todd Price Bob Passalacqua Carlinville DKC65-95RIB 292.4 14.7
Derek Smith Probst Boyz Sigel DKC62-89RIB 292.2 17.2
Derek Smith Ron Voelker Altamont DKC66-18RIB 291.8 23.5
Adam Uhrhan Allen Albers Germantown DKC70-27RIB 291.2 19.1
Derek Smith Jeff Ochs West Liberty DKC67-94RIB 290 15
Michelle Keyser Big Prairie Farms LLC Carmi DKC66-18RIB 290 19.9
Luke Kocher Low Farms Marshall DKC65-95RIB 289 17.6
Derek Smith Tim and Dennis Wente Sigel DKC 65-84RIB 289 24
Derek Smith Kevin Will Montrose DKC65-95RIB 289 18.8
Luke Kocher Travis Michl Newton DKC66-18RIB 287.7 23.2
Derek Smith Ted and John Kreke Teutopolis DKC 62-70RIB 287.2 21.2
Todd Price Mike Shelton Donnellson DKC 66-18RIB 287 14.8
Derek Smith Swits Farms LTD Swits Gays DKC 63-91RIB 286.2 13
Luke Kocher Chris Sweitzer Dennison DKC 66-18RIB 285.1 18.5
Derek Smith Mark Niebbrugge Sigel DKC 66-18RIB 285 17.9
Derek Smith Dennis and Gary Buhnerkempe Teutopolis DKC 66-17RIB 284.1 20.5
Alec Byous Walsh Grain Farms Salem DKC59-82RIB 283.9 21.7
Sarah Dintelmann Valier Farms Du Quoin DKC67-94RIB 283.6 15.2
Sarah Dintelmann Loverkamp Farms Metropolis DKC66-18RIB 283.5 26.1
Derek Smith Hartke Swine Center Teutopolis DKC59-82RIB 283.4 22.2
Derek Smith Koester Family Farm Teutopolis DKC 66-18RIB 282.9 19.5
Adam Uhrhan Wessel Farms Pocahontas DKC65-95RIB 282.9 14.9
Alec Byous Becker Farms Springerton DKC70-27RIB 282.6 16.1
Adam Uhrhan Tim Poletti Alhambra DKC67-94RIB 282.2 19.4
Sarah Dintelmann Travis Bros Belknap DKC67-94RIB 282 14.5
Michelle Keyser West & Williams Carmi DKC66-18RIB 282 15
Derek Smith Clint Niemerg Montrose DKC 63-57RIB 281.9 15.5
Todd Price Greg Reichert Virden DKC65-95RIB 281.8 15.8
Derek Smith Russ Goeckner Effingham DKC66-18RIB 281.7 21.2
Luke Kocher Allen Walters Marshall DKC66-18RIB 281.7 21.5
Derek Smith Curry Bros Mattoon DKC 65-95RIB 281.4 19.2
Michelle Keyser Cale Wiseman Albion DKC62-70RIB 281 15.5
Sarah Dintelmann Karl Densch Eldorado DKC70-27RIB 280.6 17.9
Alec Byous Win Headley Alma DKC62-89RIB 280.4 18.4
Derek Smith Bruce Hardiek Dieterich DKC66-18RIB 280 15
Todd Price Scott Trojak Girard DKC59-82RIB 279.6 16.6
Sarah Dintelmann Joe Rexing Benton DKC62-70RIB 279.1 21.5
Sarah Dintelmann Browning Family Farm West Frankfort DKC67-94RIB 279.1 16.2
Adam Uhrhan Allen Belcher Mulberry Grove DKC 65-95RIB 278 15
Derek Smith Lucas Kroening Altamont DKC 62-70RIB 277 17.1
Alec Byous Brady kramer Farnia DKC66-18RIB 277 14.5
Adam Uhrhan RTM Farms Marks West Salem DKC 68-95RIB 277 15.5
  3 Gen Farms Salem DKC65-95RIB 274.9 21.6
Michelle Keyser Alka Family Farms Mt. Carmel DKC61-98RIB 273.3 22.1
Alec Byous D&V Grain Farms LLC Watson DKC66-18RIB 273 16.2
John Trieb Brian Edler Valmeyer DKC70-27RIB 272.4 22.4
Adam Uhrhan Seger & Sons St Jacob DKC67-94RIB 271 21.4
Sarah Dintelmann Twenhafel Farms Gorham DKC67-94RIB 271 16.9
Michelle Keyser RT Farms Allendale DKC63-57RIB 270 24.7
Alec Byous Bauer Enterprise inc Ramsey DKC66-17RIB 270 16.5
Adam Uhrhan Chase Vonbokel Highland DKC66-18RIB 270 22.2
Alec Byous Woodrow Farms Springerton DKC62-70RIB 270 29.5
Sarah Dintelmann Walquist Farms Belknap DKC70-27RIB 269 15
Adam Uhrhan K & J Farms Germantown DKC62-70RIB 268.7 18.5
Adam Uhrhan Mike Vonbokel St. Jacob DKC66-18RIB 268 23
Alec Byous Gary and Eric Scherer Olney DKC65-95RIB 267 14.6
John Trieb Gramenz Farms Steeleville DKC67-94RIB 267 29.1
Adam Uhrhan Krislaval Farms Nashville DKC65-95RIB 266 16.1
Adam Uhrhan Gary Buss Venedy DKC66-18RIB 265 17.2
Adam Uhrhan Ro-An Farms Venedy DKC66-18RIB 263 18.8
Michelle Keyser Baumgart Farms Mount Carmel DKC65-95RIB 260.6 16.2
Sarah Dintelmann Drew Farms Benton DKC59-82RIB 255.2 23.9
Alec Byous Bill Burgener Dundas DKC63-57RIB 254 13.8

Adam Uhrhan Ratermann Bros. Barterlso DKC64-35RIB 364.0 17.3
Adam Uhrhan Seger & Sons St Jacob DKC70-27RIB 319.0 16.1
Adam Uhrhan Kurt Sudholt Albers DKC67-94RIB 318.7 19
Dan Beckman Brett Zachry Carlyle DKC66-18RIB 335.0 17
Dan Beckman Tom Roepke Altamont DKC67-94RIB 324.0 15
Dan Beckman Scott, Mike, Eric Hoene Neoga DKC64-64RIB 321.5 22
John Trieb Gramenz Farms Steeleville DKC66-18RIB 325.0 16.9
John Trieb Brian Edler Valmeyer DKC70-27RIB 307.0 24.1
John Trieb Triple B Farms Campbell Hill DKC70-27RIB 298.0 17.3
Luke Kocher Warner Farms Martinsville DKC65-95RIB 348.6 17.2
Luke Kocher Brad Huisinga Casey DKC66-18RIB 331.2 20.7
Luke Kocher Wells Brothers Farms Annapolis DKC66-18RIB 330.6 19.7
Madison Riggle Joshua Miller Tamms DKC70-27RIB 335.1 22.3
Madison Riggle Braden Short Norris City DKC67-44RIB 322.1 20.4
Madison Riggle Loverkamp Farms LLC Metropolis DKC65-95RIB 321.2 22.2
Madison Riggle Browning Family Farm West Frankfort DKC66-18RIB 321.1 25
Michelle Keyser Big Prairie Farms LLC Carmi DKC70-27RIB 318.0 24.9
Michelle Keyser Alka Family Farms Mount Carmel DKC68-69RIB 315.3 23.7
Michelle Keyser RT Farms Allendale DKC59-82RIB 301.0 23
Todd Price Dan Helgen Litchfield DKC66-18RIB 323.0 24.3
Todd Price Wayne Rosenthal Morrisonville DKC65-95RIB 317.9 21.4
Todd Price Dustin Rosenthal Morrisonville DKC66-18RIB 316.6 21.6
Wyatt Jones Harvel Farms Clay City DKC62-53RIB 371.0 20.7
Wyatt Jones Brad Hester Salem DKC 63-91RIB 331.4 14.9
Wyatt Jones Win Headley Alma DKC65-95RIB 316.1 15.6

Tips and Resources

In a year that offered up plenty of opportunities to make excuses, this year’s Yield Chasers didn’t need any. Instead, these high performers stepped up their game, driven by determination and powered by perseverance. With DEKALB® and Asgrow® brands behind them every step of the way.

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