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Proven in the Field and Reflected in the Yield

Products with DEKALB® SmartStax® trait technology combine exclusive genetics with the most complete insect protection for your yield.

Protect Your Roots

The best way to minimize the risk of devastating crop damage is to help maximize control of corn rootworm below ground while protecting against corn earworm and other insects above ground.

Developed by the industry leader in trait technology and germplasm integration, SmartStax® technology has been proven on over 100 million acres.

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Battle the "Billion-Dollar Bug"

SmartStax® technology provides two built-in modes of action that help provide for maximum control of corn rootworm and the assurance of knowing your crop and yield potential are protected all season long.

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Control Above-ground Pests

Additional modes of action give corn plants the protection they need against major pests that can inflict serious crop damage including:

  • Corn earworm
  • European corn borer
  • Black cutworm
  • Southwestern corn borer
  • Fall armyworm
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Enhanced Weed Control

Two more sites of action help create tolerance to glyphosate and glufosinate herbicide applications, preventing weeds from robbing plants of the nutrients and water they need.

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