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Superior Fiber Quality

QA Explore the Deltapine Select™ varieties that give growers like you a strong advantage in today’s cotton market.

Starts With a Seed

From gin to mill to manufacturer, the cotton industry demands longer, stronger and cleaner fiber. Meeting and profiting from that demand all begins with the seed. For years, Deltapine has been working with local breeding teams and growers to boost yield and fiber quality potential in its varieties.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Deltapine Select™ varieties. These varieties have been tested extensively — including HVI, AFIS and ginning studies — to prove they have the best fiber quality and yield potential in our lineup, and can produce the highest-quality yarn and textiles.

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The Benefits of Better Fiber Quality

Fiber quality plays an important role in both the creation and quality of the end product. The excellent fiber length found in Deltapine Select™ varieties means stronger yarn, and stronger yarn leads to improved spinning qualities — benefiting mills and textile industries with more opportunities. Cotton with higher yarn counts can also be spun down into finer yarn, which leads to a higher-quality end product that everyone can enjoy.

Improved Yarn Quality

Improved vs. standard-quality checks.

2017/2018 HVI Fiber Quality data. Cotton bales sourced from New Product Evaluator (NPE) plot at Scott, MS. Cotton bales were commercially ginned.

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Increased Fiber Quality, Increased Opportunity

The elite genetics of Deltapine® cotton ensure high yield potential and premium fiber quality. Thanks to the gains made in fiber quality over the years, Deltapine cotton now rivals premium Australian and Acala varieties and outperforms synthetic fibers in customer preference. A premium fiber quality variety creates more opportunities for millers and manufacturers — from improved spinning speed to finer yarn for a higher-quality product — which benefits everyone.

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Field to Closet

A Strong Partnership

To help create awareness and drive demand for premium, U.S.-grown upland cotton, Deltapine® has partnered with the Field to Closet™ initiative. Field to Closet works to show the industry the advancements that have been made with Deltapine Select™ varieties and the opportunities that come with superior fiber quality.

Deltapine is proud to support these efforts to elevate U.S.-grown cotton and the growers who raise it. Learn how the Field to Closet initiative got off the ground, and hear stories from growers about how Deltapine cotton’s improved fiber quality is changing the game.

Jernigan Global, a Nashville-based consultant with decades of experience working with the cotton supply chain and textile industry, created the Field to Closet™​ initiative to familiarize cotton brand retailers with the innovation and advancement of U.S. cotton — specifically how the superior fiber quality found in Deltapine Select™ varieties can now be marketed to produce premium textiles.

Strength in Numbers

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