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Advanced Insect and Weed Control

Protect the potential of your strong Deltapine® varieties with the most effective insect and weed control technologies.

Strong Protection. Strong Potential.

Every Deltapine® variety is built on our four pillars of excellence. Advanced weed and insect control is one of the four pillars of excellence all Deltapine varieties are built on. Our varieties feature the most effective technologies to protect their potential from the inside out.

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Nematode Control

See how you can protect your cotton from nematodes by identifying pressure and combating it with the latest in genetic and seed growth technology.

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Trait Technology

Defend your cotton from yield-robbing weeds and insects with the help of trait technologies that offer protection from the inside out.

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Weed Management

Take your weed management to the next level with more herbicide options and greater flexibility for application before, at or after planting.

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Coverage on Four Fronts

The Acceleron® portfolio can deliver protection from diseases, insects, nematodes, as well as moisture or nutrient stress.

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What Is Strong Cotton?

Deltapine® cotton is built on four pillars of excellence: advanced insect and weed control, fiber quality, elite genetics, and high yield potential.