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Clearfield® Plus Production System for Wheat

The Clearfield® Plus Production System combines high-performing WestBred® Wheat genetics with Beyond® herbicide tolerance, a broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed herbicide, which can result in cleaner fields and greater yield potential.


  • Provides broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control, which can result in cleaner fields and greater yield potential
  • Reduces dockage caused by weed seed in harvested grain
  • Reduces potential for grain discounts by helping manage tough-to-control annual grass weeds, resulting in a lower foreign matter percentage in grain
  • Clearfield Plus technology allows for split applications of Beyond herbicide and use of performance-enhancing methylated seed oil.


Developed through conventional breeding techniques, the Clearfield Plus Production System with Beyond herbicide from BASF provides excellent broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control for cleaner fields and greater yield potential. Beyond helps control grass and broadleaf weeds, such as cheatgrass (or downy brome), feral rye, jointed goatgrass, mustards and Palmer amaranth. Plus, it helps control volunteer wheat and barley.


Stewardship is important for ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of the Clearfield Plus Production System. Utilize the following agronomic practices for maximum yield potential.

  • Practice crop rotation.
  • Use multiple modes of action.
  • Manage weeds in fallow.
  • Control volunteer wheat crops.

WestBred growers can rest assured knowing they have protected their investment in the field and have taken steps to deliver a high-quality harvest to the elevator by utilizing certified Clearfield or Clearfield Plus wheat with Beyond herbicide.


Wheat growers benefit from the appropriate stewardship of the Clearfield Plus Production System, which includes the use of registered herbicides.

  1. Beyond herbicide is the only federally and state approved imazamox-containing herbicide registered for use on Clearfield and Clearfield Plus wheat. Applications of any herbicide that is not registered for use on that crop is not permitted under the EPA rules and mandates.
  2. Growers must sign a BASF Clearfield Wheat Stewardship Agreement that specifies the use of registered herbicides on Clearfield and Clearfield Plus Wheat, including Imazamox-containing herbicides along with purchasing certified Clearfield and Clearfield Plus varieties.

* ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Consult your local BASF or retail chemical representative for complete Beyond herbicide label requirements.

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"We've been planting pretty much all Clearfield wheat since 2011. In our area, we're fighting cheat grass, goat grass and rye pretty bad. A lot of the herbicides for cheat grass and goat grass aren't as effective as the Beyond so we have basically shifted our whole operation to Clearfield wheat."

Kyle Juelfs, Wheat Grower, Great Falls, MT