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What You Seed Is What You Get

With WestBred® Wheat CSO varieties.

Certified Wheat Seed

WestBred® Wheat Certified Seeds are varieties that give you the performance you can feel confident about — with less work and more profit potential. On average, growers who plant Certified Seed see a 5 Bu/A yield advantage over saved seed.*

* Monsanto Market Probe Survey, 2015

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Purity and Performance

Certified Seed is the wheat seed of a single variety that has passed an official inspection. It contains no other crops, no foreign material, and is absent of certain seed-borne diseases. Certified Seed must meet strict quality standards to prove that it has a certain yield potential.

Stop Saving. Start Earning.

While planting saved seed (bin-run seed) might seem like a money saver, it can have an impact on your long-term profitability because saved seed is more vulnerable to crop disease and performance loss. Certified Seed makes your dollar go further with increased performance potential and varietal purity.

Single-Use Commercial Seed Only

Enhanced Performance

Plant varieties that work harder for your yield and profit potential. WestBred® Wheat Single-Use Commercial Seed Only (CSO) varieties help you feel confident in your fields because they're bred for performance and exceed our toughest standards.

• New and stronger germplasm*

• Tougher disease and pest protection*

• Higher protein and test weight potential*

*When compared to non-CSO WestBred varieties.

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Commercial Seed Only Varieties

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