Taking action to help tackle tar spot.

We invest billions in research and development to advance plant genetics and develop a portfolio of fungicides so that farmers can take the mystery out of tar spot and protect their crops.

Tar Spot Resources for Today and the Future

Working to Advance Tar Spot Tolerance

As farmers fight tar spot in their fields, the Crop Science division of Bayer is taking action in research and development. The capacity to induce this disease in both the lab and field environments helps to accelerate the screening and identification of tolerant corn germplasm. And the potential to integrate native tar spot tolerance into North American products will be a game changer for farmers.

Hear the Latest on Tar Spot Advancements

Researchers from the Crop Science division of Bayer have been able to artificially inoculate tar spot in two new assays; which will help us advance tar spot tolerance so that farmers can better combat this threat.

Tar Spot Tracker

Confirmed Counties With Tar Spot (2018-2023)

Tar Spot is Spreading

Tracking the spread of tar spot is key to getting ahead of this disease. See the latest data to find out if it’s in your area or could be soon.

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Tar Spot Management Tips

Scouting, weather monitoring and fungicide applications are some of the steps you can take today to help tackle tar spot.

1 - ScoutingBegin scouting fields for foliar disease symptoms just before tasseling and continue through the grain filling stages of growth. Rapid grain filling occurs from R2 (blister) to late R5 (full dent).
2 - ApplicationA properly timed foliar fungicide application may greatly improve overall plant health and help to protect yield potential.
3 - PreventionFungicides typically work better at preventing rather than curing disease.

Delaro® Complete Fungicide

This innovative fungicide provides consistent disease control, higher yield potential and improved plant health. Learn more about Delaro® Complete fungicide.

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Know the Basics Behind Tar Spot

Tar spot is a fungal disease that is relatively new to the United States. It was first discovered in 2015 in the Midwest, but it has quickly spread across the Corn Belt in the past few years.

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