Combating Critical Threats to Wine Grapes

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Early season powdery mildew control is critical for wine grape growers. Without it, this destructive disease poses significant risks to fruit quality — stunting, scarring or splitting of grapes — and may lead to complications, such as Botrytis.

Powdery mildew occurs in all grape growing regions of California, and it causes more total losses for wine grape growers than any other disease. California growers spend extensive time and effort to defending their crops against powdery mildew and monitoring environmental conditions that advance the threat.

But controlling powdery mildew in wine grapes also requires growers to manage the risk of fungicide resistance, and for that, they need a strategic, integrated disease management program.

A Systemic Solution to Diseases

Luna® fungicide by Bayer is one innovative chemistry that has proven to be an effective solution against powdery mildew and Botrytis. In U.S. field trials, Luna Experience® and Luna Tranquility® fungicides have delivered outstanding efficacy against these problematic diseases.

"Luna Experience and Luna Tranquility offer a systemic solution for exceptional disease protection while providing options for resistance management," said Joel Lipsitch, fungicide product manager, Bayer. "By rotating Luna with other Bayer fungicides in sound disease management programs, growers have even more resources to protect against disease and resistance."

Delivering systemic activity and multiple modes of action, Luna Experience and Luna Tranquility fungicides help growers improve crop quality and maximize long-term vine health. With a low use rate and an excellent rotational fit with other fungicides, such as Flint® fungicide, Serenade® Optimum fungicide and Scala® fungicide, Luna fungicides strengthen growers’ defenses against difficult grape diseases.

To learn more about Luna fungicides, contact your local Bayer Crop Science representative.

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