midwest grower scouting soybeans and a corn fieldmidwest grower scouting soybeans and a corn field

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Closeup view of Northern Corn Leaf Blight

Planning for a high yield season in Midwest and Northern

Planning for a High-Yield Season

Maximizing potential starts long before harvest. Through thoughtful agronomic planning and a proactive approach to weed, disease and pest control, Midwest and Northern growers can achieve higher yields and maximize profits.

Seed selection is one of the most important management decisions growers make. The right corn hybrid or soybean seed variety can have a drastic impact on yield and profit potential. By reviewing variety trial results, growers can choose the defensive packages and traits that can help them succeed in the next crop year.

Proper weed management is just as crucial. When a particular weed management practice is working well and is economically attractive, it is tempting to continue with it, even though growers know this significantly increases selection pressure and can lead to resistance. However, proactive, successful weed management happens across multiple growing seasons and requires planning to stay ahead of resistance.

Crops must survive a number of disease threats throughout the season, from gray leaf spot in corn to frogeye leaf spot in soy. Management is achieved through an integrated approach of best management practices, including the use of fungicides and seed treatments.

By carefully selecting corn hybrids or soybean seeds and adopting proactive, long-term approaches to weed and disease management, Midwest and Northern growers can increase crop potential, no matter what comes their way.

closeupview of broadleaf weed in soil

Identify and Control Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds compete with crops for water, light, space and nutrients, all factors that can reduce yields.


grey leaf spot on corn

Corn Diseases Threaten Yields

To achieve maximum yield potential and excellent grain quality, corn has to survive a number of disease threats throughout the season, such as, grey leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and common and southern rust.


two images of pigweed next to each other

How to Identify Pigweed and Keep Resistance at Bay

One of the biggest broadleaf weed problems growers across the country face is the pigweed family: spiny, smooth and redroot pigweed; Palmer amaranth; waterhemp; and several other species.


closeup view of corn rust

Recognizing Corn Rust

Two types of corn rusts occur in the U.S. Corn Belt: common corn rust, caused by the Puccinia sorghi fungus, and southern corn rust, caused by the Puccinia polysora fungus. The two corn rust diseases have similarities and can quickly increase in severity.


Save Your Corn from Gray Leaf Spot

Gray Leaf Spot: Corn Farmers’ Biggest Rival

As every veteran corn producer knows, corn is susceptible to a myriad of foliar fungal diseases. The most aggressive of these diseases, gray leaf spot, has been increasing in economic impact in many regions of the world over the past 10 years.


Soybean Disease Scouting Tips

Top Soybean Disease Scouting Tips

Top tips from the “Soybean Field Guide 2nd Edition,” Iowa State University.


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