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Planning for a high yield season in Midwest and Northern

Planning for a High-Yield Season

Maximizing potential starts long before harvest. Through thoughtful agronomic planning and a proactive approach to weed, disease and pest control, Midwest and Northern growers can achieve higher yields and maximize profits.

Seed selection is one of the most important management decisions growers make. The right corn hybrid or soybean seed variety can have a drastic impact on yield and profit potential. By reviewing variety trial results, growers can choose the defensive packages and traits that can help them succeed in the next crop year.

Proper weed management is just as crucial. When a particular weed management practice is working well and is economically attractive, it is tempting to continue with it, even though growers know this significantly increases selection pressure and can lead to resistance. However, proactive, successful weed management happens across multiple growing seasons and requires planning to stay ahead of resistance.

Crops must survive a number of disease threats throughout the season, from gray leaf spot in corn to frogeye leaf spot in soy. Management is achieved through an integrated approach of best management practices, including the use of fungicides and seed treatments.

By carefully selecting corn hybrids or soybean seeds and adopting proactive, long-term approaches to weed and disease management, Midwest and Northern growers can increase crop potential, no matter what comes their way.

Picking the right soybean seed

Picking the Right Soybean Seed

Yield is the number one characteristic of concern to most growers, but there are a lot of components that go into making that yield. The presence of resistant weeds, pests and diseases will dictate the trait platforms and seed treatments needed.

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Nematode Sampling Guidelines for Soybean Growers

Nematode Sampling Guidelines for Soybean Growers

When nematodes are present, they are not always uniformly distributed in a field. Soil samples must be collected to accurately detect and represent the condition of the field.

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Soybean seed treatments

Seed Treatments – Benefits & Proven Value for Growers

For most growers, seed treatments have become a standard management practice to enhance stand establishments and get seedlings off to a healthy start – proving to be a great option for maximizing crop success.

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Carefully choosing corn hybrids Carefully Choose Corn Hybrids for Your Farm

With the multitude of corn hybrids available today, growers need to look at characteristics offered by each seed package. Study the hybrid’s attributes for natural tolerance to diseases and nematodes, and consider hybrids with biotech traits such as insect tolerance and herbicide tolerance to control tough-to-manage and resistant weeds.

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Managing soybean cyst nematodesTake Action to Prevent Yield Loss to SCN

Because soybean cyst nematodes live in the soil, damage can go undetected until it’s severe. Fight back with scouting, crop rotation and effective seed treatments.

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