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Planning ahead to protect yields

Planning Ahead to Protect Yields

Southeast and Delta growers know they have to stay a step – or more – ahead of the curve, from knowing which varieties protect against regional pests and diseases to managing rapidly changing insect weed pressure. The effects of these decisions are far reaching and ultimately impact crop quality, yields and the bottom line.

It's important to choose a variety tailored to your fields' specific needs. That comes from talking to experts in the region, reviewing area trial data and knowing the history of the fields to be planted. Growers can also manage risk by planting multiple varieties and testing seeds in small plots before expanding their acreage. Then, once you plant, protect your investment during its crucial early development stages with a proven seed treatment.

Additionally, with a long-term pest management program in place, growers can be prepared for weeds, insects, nematodes and diseases. That includes following best practices for fungicides, nematicides and insecticides, and herbicide trait programs. Ultimately, success means planning ahead – and staying ahead.

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