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Planning ahead to protect yields

Planning Ahead to Protect Yields

Climate and weather fluctuations, growing disease and insect pressure, and ongoing resistance issues mean Southeast and Delta growers have to stay a step ahead in scouting for and managing threats. The effects of these decisions are far reaching and ultimately impact crop quality, yields and the bottom line.

The intensity and variety of pest pressures in the Southeast and Delta regions require growers to employ advanced integrated pest management practices. They must protect crops from the earliest stages through maturity with proactive fungicide applications – even before symptoms exist – and resistance management practices throughout the season.

With a long-term pest management program in place, growers can be prepared for what nature throws at them for years to come. Success means planning ahead – and staying ahead. Continue your nematode education, learn more about the benefits of proactive disease management and explore tailored weed management solutions from Bayer here.

manage resistant weeds in cotton weeds emerging10 Strategies for Managing Resistant Weeds in Cotton

Cotton growers who take an integrated approach to weed control – before resistant weeds become an issue – can avoid the headaches and ensure long-term success in protecting crop yields.


white mold on soybeans closeupUnderstanding White Mold Disease in Soybeans

White mold causes yield loss to soybeans by reducing seed number and weight, and can also impact seed quality. Infected seeds can have reduced germination. Fields, once contaminated, can be problematic for many growing seasons to come.


soybean rows protect from diseases with best practicesFend off Soybean Diseases with these BMPs

Common soybean diseases of the leaves, root, stem and pod can threaten crop production throughout the growing season, prompting pod and seed decay and leading to significant yield loss.


Broadleaf weeds close upKeep Crops Safe from Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds compete with crops for water, light, space and nutrients, all factors that can reduce yields.


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