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Boosting cotton fiber quality and yields

Boosting Fiber Quality and Yields

The practice of growing cotton is always changing. Texas and Southwest growers know that their seed-selection strategies and crop management programs must constantly evolve, too. That’s why they’re always looking for best-in-class solutions that maximize yields, fiber quality and profits.

Texas and Southwest cotton growers must choose varieties that work best for their fields. Seeking out regional trial data, reviewing field history and talking to area experts can help them make an informed decision. It’s also important to diversify; it spreads the risk and allows growers to test new varieties. When a seed succeeds, it’s time to plant more.

Successful crop management in Texas and the Southwest starts with seeds that feature advanced genetics for disease resistance, premium fiber quality and better yield potential. It requires keeping an eye out for regional weed threats, building a long-term disease management program and following best practices for limiting pests. It means managing resistance – both in the field and in the future.

Selecting the right cottonseed and building a strong crop management program that limits pressure from weeds, disease and nematodes can help ensure Texas and Southwest growers achieve high yields and produce superior cotton.

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Fibermax Cotton Brand LogoFM 1911GLT Variety

With FM 2011GT in the background, FM 1911GLT is surpassing its parent with a broad-spectrum disease package – resistance to bacterial blight and very good tolerance to root-knot nematode, Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt, topped off with flexible in-season weed control and worm protection.

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