February 2, 2022

Earlier soybean planting dates with more potential for sun energy have become common practice to help increase the number of pods and bushels per acre. Reduced tillage and narrow row spacing are also key practices to help obtain maximum yield potential. However, these potential gains in soybean yield can be compromised early in the season by stressed growing conditions and soil-borne pathogens that negatively affect root health and seedling vigor.

Preventative treatments, like seed treatment, are key to helping seed get the best start possible, especially as farmers continue to plant earlier and risk seed injury. Protecting your seed investment with seed treatment, such as the products in the Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions portfolio, help Asgrow® brand exclusive genetics stand up to early-season challenges and unlock optimal performance potential.

How can seed treatment improve seed performance?

The value of a robust seed treatment with multiple modes of action in combination with the appropriate seed products gives seedlings a fighting chance against variable, and sometimes harsh, early spring conditions. Planting earlier into cool, wet soil can expose seed and leave seed more vulnerable to disease, insects, nematodes, and moisture or nutrient stress. A plant that is less stressed from these environmental challenges will have increased performance potential from improved emergence, vigor and stand. Soybean emergence, vigor and stand are vital to overall plant health and help set the stage for yield performance.

Active ingredients in soybean seed treatments can help protect soybean seeds and seedlings from certain diseases and insects for up to 30 days after planting. Treated seed may have the potential to also reduce the number of spray applications of insecticides and support a sustainable means of crop production. Protecting soybean plants against early season soybean aphids and bean leaf beetles can help prevent soybean mosaic virus and bean pod mottle virus infection that can be transmitted by these pests.

The greatest payback from seed treatments can occur not only in early planting situations, but also reduced tillage, poorly drained, or high clay content soils in fields with tight crop rotations or in fields with a history of disease. Knowledge of any specific pathogen races prevailing in the soil can be helpful when selecting seed products for an additional line of defense against early-season diseases.

What should I look for in a seed treatment?

When choosing a seed treatment, there are four main areas of coverage to focus on when protecting seed performance potential from early season disease, insects, nematodes and nutrient or moisture stresses.

  1. Fungicides – Germination and emergence are rapid at temperatures above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but seeds can germinate at lower temperatures. Cool (less than 60 F) and moist soil conditions can slow germination and establishment of soybean seeds, making them more susceptible to soil-borne seed and seedling pathogens such as Pythium and Fusarium. Warm, moist soil environments favor the pathogens Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora. These pathogens can invade plant roots causing tissue decay, pre-emergence damping off, and early post-emergence seedling death.

    Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE helps to protect against soil-borne and seed-borne diseases, including Fusarium, Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium. The effective residual from any of these fungicides is around two to three weeks (depending on soil conditions). Seed treatments may vary in effectiveness depending on the Pythium and Fusarium species present.

  2. Insecticide – Early season insects can feed on soybean seeds and seedlings causing plant injury, stunting, delayed emergence, or stand loss. The Acceleron seed treatment portfolio may help control nine early season insects, including bean leaf beetles, early season soybean aphids and seed corn maggots.

  3. Nematicides – Nematodes cost an estimated 10.6% yield loss in soybeans. Seed treatment, such as Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions with ILeVO®, can help combat and control a wide range of these yield robbers, including soybean cyst nematodes.

  4. Bio-Enhancers – Biological products can be added to seed treatments by seed dealers and help soybean plants more easily access moisture or nutrients, helping to protect against stress and your bottom line.

Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions are an exclusive combination of active ingredients to help protect your seed against insects, disease and nematodes in early-stage growth.

Do I need to treat my seed if I’m already using traited products?

Traits are an excellent way to help protect your seed investment. Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions offers more complete and consistent protection during a plant’s critical early-stage growth. It also offers increased root strength and plant health with insecticide combinations and nematode protection.

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. EACH ACCELERON® SEED APPLIED SOLUTIONS OFFERING is a combination of separate individually registered products. FOR SOYBEANS, EACH ACCELERON® SEED APPLIED SOLUTIONS OFFERING is a combination of separate individually registered products containing the active ingredients: BASIC Offering: metalaxyl, fluxapyroxad, and pyraclostrobin. STANDARD Offering: metalaxyl, fluxapyroxad, pyraclostrobin, and imidacloprid.

The distribution, sale, or use of an unregistered pesticide is a violation of federal and/or state law and is strictly prohibited. Not all products are approved in all states.

Performance may vary, from location to location and from year to year, as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible and should consider the impacts of these conditions on the grower’s fields.

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