High Yield Potential, Strong Agronomic Characteristics Featured in New WestBred® Wheat Varieties for Spring

February 6, 2018

ST. LOUIS, [Feb. 8, 2018] – Seven new WestBred® wheat varieties featuring outstanding yield potential, improved agronomic characteristics and strong disease packages will be available for spring planting in 2018.

The seven new varieties join WestBred wheat’s proven spring variety portfolio in the Montana, Northern Plains, Pacific Northwest and Southwest regions, providing growers even more options to best manage their crop for improved performance and profitability.

“We’re excited to announce these great additions to our strong spring WestBred portfolio,” said David Hoffman, the Wheat Technical Product Lead for Monsanto. “These reflect our commitment to providing suppliers and growers access to high yielding wheat varieties backed by strong agronomic and disease packages. These varieties were developed by Monsanto’s experienced breeder teams who utilize cutting-edge technology and were tested across a diverse set of environments over multiple years. These new products, in addition to all WestBred products, are supported by our regional Technology Product Representatives to help maximize yield potential.”

The new varieties for spring planting in 2018 are:

  • WB9350 – An awned hard red spring wheat variety with high grain yield and very good forage potential. It has excellent lodging resistance and a very good overall disease resistance package. It can be a good companion variety to WB9904 and WB-PATRON in the Southwest.

  • WB9479 – A medium-maturing hard red spring variety with high yield and protein potential for the Northern Region. It offers excellent test weight and standability and a good disease resistance package combined in a medium-short variety.

  • WB9578 – A hard red spring variety that displays excellent yield potential for irrigated crop systems in Montana and the Northwest region. The medium-short, medium-maturing variety has excellent standability and test weight, along with outstanding Yellow (Stripe) Rust and Leaf Rust resistance.

  • WB9590 – A broadly adaptive hard red spring variety with outstanding yield potential and protein content for the Northern and Montana regions. Its short plant height contributes to the variety’s superb standability. Very good Leaf Rust and Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance contribute to its strong disease resistance package.

  • WB9616CLP – A hard red spring wheat variety with Clearfield® Plus Technology, offering excellent yield potential as well as options for tough-to-control grassy weeds. Mainly suited for dryland conditions in Montana, WB9616CLP is a medium-short variety with very good standability and Hessian Fly and Yellow (Stripe) Rust resistance.

  • WB9662 – A hard red spring wheat variety with outstanding protein potential and milling and baking quality. With a medium-late maturity, WB9662 provides Northwest growers with very good yield potential and excellent resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust and Leaf Rust.

  • WB9719 – A broadly adaptive medium-late maturing hard red spring variety with outstanding yield potential. Suitable for all environments from irrigated to dryland in the Northern and Montana regions, this medium-short variety has excellent standability and test weight with a strong disease resistance package.

“Yield potential will always be important in new seed releases, but wheat growers today need and expect more from their varieties,” said Hoffman. “Quality and lodging resistance are critical agronomic benefits. Where diseases are a threat, they need varieties with the disease package to protect that high yield potential. These new WestBred spring varieties were developed with strong agronomic and disease characteristics growers need with great yield potential, giving them more choices to set the stage for strong harvest results. Growers can expect our new varieties to have the protein content and milling and baking quality they require.”

Hoffman said growers should talk to their local WestBred seed supplier to see which of the new varieties are best suited to their farm.

For more information about the new varieties and the WestBred wheat portfolio, growers can go to WestBred.com.

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