Monsanto Study Finds 61% of Wheat Growers Using Outdated Planting Technique

August 6, 2017

A recent Monsanto survey found that over 61 percent of wheat growers reported that they use a planting rate based on pounds per acre. With planting season approaching, WestBred® wheat urges wheat growers to reconsider previous planting methods and to rely on specific seeding rates to help maximize their productivity potential.

To support growers as they shift to planting based on specific seeding rates, WestBred wheat has developed the ConnectIN® Wheat Insight System for its seed suppliers. This system allows seed suppliers to provide Optimal Seeding Rate recommendations for WestBred varieties. The tool takes seed count into consideration but also considers factors based on a grower’s individual field, planting date, unique geography and other environmental and agronomic factors.

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