New WestBread Wheat Genetics Continue Strong Performance in National Wheat Yield Contest

October 24, 2021

ST. LOUIS (October 26, 2021) — Newer genetics from WestBred Wheat continue to show their performance potential in the National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC), being planted on 46% of the winning farms, according to the 2021 results.

Eleven of the 24 national winning farmers planted WestBred wheat varieties. Among the wheat seed brands placing in the national category, WestBred wheat brand had the most wins, including a Bin Buster for John Hofer in Milnor, North Dakota, who yielded 122.27 Bu/A in the Spring Wheat — Dryland category with WB9590 variety. Multiple winning farms planted WB9590 variety and WB4792 variety, two proven varieties for high yield potential and outstanding quality.

“WestBred Wheat congratulates all of the winning farmers in the 2021 NWYC, a testament to hard work, good management practices and devotion to the industry,” said Jeff Koscelny, Cereals Account Management Lead, Bayer. “Once again, it is the newer genetics rising to the top of the contest, illustrating the progress our breeding and technical product teams have made in wheat.”

Entrants were judged in two primary categories: spring wheat and winter wheat, broken into subcategories of dryland and irrigated. Awards were also given for percent increase over county averages.

The 2021 NWYC WestBred winners include:

Spring Wheat — Dryland:

  • Bin Buster Winner, High Yield — John Hofer, Milnor, North Dakota, with a yield of 122.27Bu/A with WB9590 variety.
  • First Place, High Yield — Dallas Diesen, Wannaska, Minnesota, with a yield of 114.81 Bu/A with WB9590 variety.
  • First Place, Percentage Increase — Greg Messer, Richardton, North Dakota, with a 158% increase over county average with WB9590 variety. Final yield: 108.04 Bu/A.

  • Second Place, Percentage Increase — Chris Carlson, Mott, North Dakota, with a 91% increase over county average with WB9719 variety. Final yield: 82.22 Bu/A.

  • Third Place, Percentage Increase — Jordan Christman, Hettinger, North Dakota, with an 83% increase over county average with WB9719 variety. Final yield: 64.2 Bu/A.

  • Third Place, High Yield — Bruce Anderson, Valley City, North Dakota, with a yield of 108.23 Bu/A with WB9590 variety.

Spring Wheat — Irrigated:

  • Second Place, High Yield — Dallin Wilcox, Rexburg, Idaho, with a yield of 147.64 Bu/A with WB7589 variety.

Winter Wheat — Dryland:

  • Second Place, Percentage Increase — Shawn Kimbrell, Sunray, Texas, with a 211% increase over county average with WB4595 variety. Final yield: 50.9 Bu/A.

  • Fourth Place, Percentage Increase — Kenneth O’Neal, Groom, Texas, with a 190% increase over county average with WB4792 variety. Final yield: 76.54 Bu/A.

  • Fifth Place, Percentage Increase — Matt Jaeger, Minneola, Kansas, with a 178% increase over county average with WB4792 variety. Final yield: 122.47 Bu/A.

  • Fifth Place, High Yield — Tyler Ediger, Meade, Kansas, with a yield of 125.66 Bu/A with WB4792 variety.

At the state level, 45% of the winning farmers planted WestBredÒ wheat varieties. Since the start of the NWYC in 2016, sixty-six farmers have placed nationally growing WestBred varieties, while 150 have placed at the state level.

“The WestBred wheat varieties that helped farmers win this year were designed to fit regional needs and address agronomic challenges farmers can face,” said Koscelny. “They are indicative of the exceptional breeding program and improved agronomic traits and quality found in WestBred wheat. We continue to support the National Wheat Foundation and its efforts to showcase best management practices and the farmers behind them in the NWYC.”

Looking Forward to NWYC 2022

WestBred is proud to be a sponsor of the NWYC to showcase U.S. wheat production and wheat grower innovation and productivity. We encourage farmers interested in competing in the 2022 contest to contact their WestBred seed supplier or local WestBred representative.

Additional information can be found at Official rules and entry deadlines will be available in January 2022.

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Performance may vary, from location to location and from year to year, as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible and should consider the impacts of these conditions on the grower’s fields.

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