WestBred® Wheat Growers Make Up Nearly 60% of National Winners in 2019 Yield Contest

November 10, 2019

ST. LOUIS (Nov. 13, 2019) – The results are in, and WestBred growers once again set record yields across a diverse range of geographies and growing conditions. WestBred wheat is excited to announce that nearly 60% of the winners recognized in the 2019 National Wheat Foundation’s (NWF) National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC) achieved the honor with a WestBred variety, with an average irrigated yield of 185 Bu/A and an average dryland yield of 115 Bu/A.

Entrants were judged in two primary categories: spring wheat and winter wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated wheat. New for 2019, national awards were given for overall high yield (regardless of USDA county averages) as well as the percentage increase by which their measured yield exceeded recent five-year Olympic county averages (as published by USDA).

WestBred varieties were planted by growers who achieved first-place yields at the national level in all four subcategories, representing eight major wheat-growing states. At the state level, nearly half of all winners placed with a WestBred variety, including 29 first-place winners, 15 second-place winners and 10 third-place winners.

“From North Dakota to Texas, Washington to Colorado, these results show what is attainable when WestBred genetics combine with a grower’s expertise and perseverance,” says Dr. Jeff Koscelny, Bayer Crop Science Global Wheat Commercial Strategy Lead and WestBred Business Lead. “Whether they’ve won the National Wheat Yield Contest before or entered for the first time in 2019, we’re thankful they chose WestBred varieties for the award-winning performance, quality and yield potential they provide.”

The 2019 National Wheat Yield Contest WestBred winners include:

Winter Wheat – Irrigated

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Marc Arnusch, Keenesburg, Colorado, with a yield of 210.52 Bu/A with WB4418
  • 2nd Place, High Yield – Phillip Gross, Warden, Washington, with a yield of 200.48 Bu/A with WB4394

Winter Wheat – Dryland

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Doug Stout, Genesee, Idaho, with a yield of 181.93 Bu/A with KELDIN
  • 1st Place, Percentage Increase – Shawn Kimbrell, Sunray, Texas, with an increase of 372.87% over county average with WINTERHAWK
  • 3rd Place, Percentage Increase – Rick Horton, Leoti, Kansas, with an increase of 333.14% over county average with WB4792
  • 4th Place, High Yield – Alec Horton, Leoti, Kansas, with a yield of 146.81 Bu/A with WB4792
  • 4th Place, Percentage Increase – CR Freeman, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, with an increase of 333.00% over county average with WB4515

Spring Wheat – Dryland

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Trevor Stout, Genesee, Idaho, with a yield of 111.13 Bu/A with WB9668
  • 2nd Place, High Yield – Brian Lacey, Wendell, Minnesota, with a yield of 103.04 Bu/A with WB9479
  • 2nd Place, Percentage Increase – Doug and Janelle Fitterer, New England, North Dakota, with an increase of 191.12% over county average with WB9590
  • 3rd Place, Percentage Increase – Orin Knutson, Oslo, Minnesota, with an increase of 78.51% over county average with WB9590

Spring Wheat – Irrigated

  • 1st Place, High Yield – Derek Friehe, Moses Lake, Washington, with a yield of 180.77 Bu/A with WB9668
  • 2nd Place, High Yield – Terry Wilcox, Rexburg, Idaho, with a yield of 151.40 Bu/A with WB9668

This year’s winners will convene at the 2020 Commodity Classic, to be held in San Antonio.

“It’s always exciting to connect successful WestBred yield contest winners and seed suppliers and to hear their unique growing challenges and experiences,” Koscelny says.

Two of these winners, Marc Arnusch and Phillip Gross, crossed the 200 Bu/A threshold this year. Arnusch, of Keenesburg, Colorado, achieved his 210.52 Bu/A yield with WB4418. “WestBred [wheat] has done a great job of moving our farm forward, thanks to its high-yielding genetics and agronomic packages,” he says. “We’re looking forward to meeting the other yield winners at Commodity Classic. It’s a great opportunity to learn from other growers’ successes, and we will put that to use to help us improve our farm in 2020.”

WestBred growers have excelled in the National Wheat Yield Contest since it began in 2016, with 42 growers having placed nationally and 85 having placed at the state level.

Looking Forward to NWYC 2020

WestBred wheat is proud to again sponsor the National Wheat Yield Contest in 2020 to showcase U.S. wheat production and wheat grower productivity and profitability. Growers interested in competing in the contest can contact their WestBred seed supplier or local WestBred representative.

Additional details can be found at westbred.com/NWYC. Official rules and entry deadlines will be available in January 2020.

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