QuickRoots® Technology Works to Help Improve Nutrient Availability in Winter Wheat Crops

March 6, 2018

ST. LOUIS – August 2, 2017

As growers consider planting decisions for their winter wheat crop, selecting the right products is crucial to ensure the best possible performance. QuickRoots® Technology, a line of microbial seed inoculant products in the Monsanto BioAg™ portfolio, works to improve nutrient availability and maximize yield potential in a variety of soil conditions and types. ​

“This year we evaluated QuickRoots performance on many WestBred wheat products,” said Katie Whittiker, District Sales Manager, Monsanto BioAg. “In many fields I checked, there was a noticeable difference in plant health when comparing the same variety with and without QuickRoots Technology, dry planter box treatment. The leaves rolled and the plants were visibly more stressed without the root development and nutrient availability provided by QuickRoots Technology.”

This proprietary technology contains two powerful microbes that work together to release phosphate in the soil not readily available to the plant. Improved phosphate availability can lead to expanded root volume, which enhances nitrogen and potassium uptake. Ultimately, greater nutrient availability can help lead to stronger stands, healthier plants, more effective use of inputs, and increased yield potential.

“When making planting decisions, we know that growers are concerned about getting the best return on investment from the products they purchase,” said Jared Thomas, North America Seed Applied Solutions Portfolio Manager. “In field trials, QuickRoots Technology delivered an average 2.8 bushels per acre advantage for wheat – maximizing growers’ nutrient investment.”

QuickRoots Technology for wheat is available in two formulations: a talc-based dry planter box for small grains and a wettable powder for small grains.

To learn more about QuickRoots Technology or to find a sales representative in your area, visit MonsantoBioAg.com/QuickRoots.

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