6 AgVocates You Should Follow

Thursday, July 7, 2016
By: Casey Allen, External Communications
The 6 AgVocates You Should Follow

It’s no secret that we love #AgVocates. The farmers, bloggers and supporters of agriculture who take the time to spread the word about the importance of our industry, are the true voices of modern agriculture. Truth be told, if it weren’t for AgVocates, we couldn’t do what we do.

While all AgVocates have a special place in our heart, these are six AgVocates that we think you should start following today. By initiating important conversations about modern ag through their respective fields, these six AgVocates will keep you at the top of your AgVocate game.

1. Chuck & Cindy Zimmerman:

Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman, fouders of ZimmComm New MediaVery few AgVocates are as in sync as Chuck and Cindy, who formed ZimmComm New Media, which owns agriculture news powerhouses like Agwired. While Chuck and Cindy are technically two separate AgVocates, they’re constantly bridging off of each other’s quick wits and ideas. In the case of “two is better than one”, Chuck and Cindy definitely qualify. Chuck (@AgriBlogger) frequently tweets coverage of relevant stories, events or topics going on in the world of agriculture. Chuck and Cindy (@FarmPodcaster) both host the weekly “ZimmCast” podcast where they discuss top news and trends related to agriculture. Follow these two and the ZimmComm Golden Microphone as they travel to agricultural events around the country. While you’re at it, add their blogs to your daily reading so you won’t miss a beat in ag news.

2. Jenny Schweigert:

Executive director of the AgChat Foundation, Jenny SchweigertAs the executive director of the AgChat Foundation (@agchatfound), an organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting agriculture enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with those outside of the agriculture world, Jenny embodies the term AgVocate. Each week, Jenny (@AMagicMama) is involved with #AgChat and #FoodChat conversations, led by a dedicated group of volunteer moderators. During the virtual events, Twitter users are invited to come and discuss their thoughts and opinions on the week’s topic. Topics involving agriculture advocacy are her passion as she encourages farmers and ranchers to reach outside the agriculture bubble to reach consumers. Aside from her dedication to spreading the word and importance of agriculture, Jenny lives with her family on a small farm in Illinois where she experiences firsthand the joys and challenges of life on the farm. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the #AgChat and #FoodChat conversations! #AgChat is held every Tuesday, 5-7pmPT/6-8pmMT/7-9pmCT/8-10pmET, except for the third Tuesday when #FoodChat occurs.

3. Brian Scott:

Agriculture blogger Brian Scott @thefarmerslifeA proud Purdue Ag alum and Indiana farmer, Brain Scott (@thefarmerslife) AgVocates by providing an inside look into what it’s like to work on the farm day in and day out. As a supporter of modern agriculture, Brian frequently discusses topics related to precision agriculture, biotechnology and cover cropping on his blog. A staunch believer in the use of mobile technology to connect ag enthusiasts to those not familiar with farming, Brian is truly advocating for the future of agriculture. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at the true farmer’s life.

4. Julie Borlaug:

Julie Borlaug, Associate Director at Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at Texas A&MCurrently serving as the associate director for external relations at the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at Texas A&M, Julie (@JulieBorlaug), embodies one of the main goals of AgVocate: encouraging future generations to understand the importance of agriculture, and to work towards scientific breakthroughs related to the agriculture industry. Julie is the granddaughter of AgVocate and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr. Norman Borlaug. Julie honors her grandfather by creating ongoing dialogues about the issue of world hunger, and the ways in which agriculture plays a role in feeding a hungry world. Follow her on Twitter to learn more!

5. Ryan Goodman:

Agriculture Proud Podcast host and ag blogger, Ryan GoodmanFrom growing up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas, to expanding his passion for cattle ranching by working on ranches and feedlots in multiple states and studying nutrition and reproduction at Oklahoma State University and the University of Tennessee, Ryan (@AgProudRyan) is an AgVocate for cattle farmers and ranchers everywhere. Each week, Ryan hosts the ‘Agriculture Proud Podcast’, where he discusses current trends happening within agriculture, as well as interviewing leaders in the agriculture communities. Aside from hosting Agriculture Proud, Ryan works as a Business Development Manager for AgriClear.  While Ryan’s passion is cattle ranching, he is a strong AgVocate for all areas of agriculture. Follow his blog to catch his weekly podcast!

6. Carolyn O’Neil:

Award winning registered dietician Carolyn O'NeilCarolyn (@carolynoneil) knows a thing or two about food. As a multi-award-winning registered dietitian, speaker, author, food and travel journalist, nutrition consultant, writer and social media communicator, Carolyn specializes in food, nutrition, travel and – our favorite – agriculture. Carolyn was a speaker at this year’s AgVocacy Forum and gave a keynote on ‘What’s on America’s Plate’. As a devoted AgVocate, she will be retooling her blog later this year to have a focus on the ‘Happy, Healthy Kitchen’, which will focus on the ‘happy’ quotient in good eating, as well as modern ag practices of promoting animal welfare, sustainability in crop production and the importance of farmers in building and maintaining communities. Carolyn’s educational and professional experience gives her an interesting and unique perspective to share the stories of modern agriculture. Follow Carolyn on her blog, and keep up with her adventures on Instagram.

Advocating for modern agriculture is a role that all of us involved in the industry can fulfill. The AgVocate Facebook community is a place where those who are passionate about modern agriculture can come to meet and discuss the trends and challenges facing the industry today. Follow along with us on Facebook and join the group to engage in the conversation about agriculture, food production and innovation needs to feed a hungry world. Become an #AgVocate today, amplify your voice, and empower the future of our industry!



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