Integrated Weed Management

grower examines fields to protect from weeds today for the future of his crops tomorrow

Managing weeds, in particular those resistant to certain technologies, is one of the most difficult challenges and greatest threats growers face today. If no action is taken, studies have proven that weeds can overrun fields and decimate today's yields and, therefore, tomorrow’s profits.

As of 2017, there were 119.6 million glyphosate-resistant acres reported; that’s an increase of 15.6 million acres from 2016.1

Importance of Integrated Weed Management

Overreliance on a single weed-control method causes resistant weeds to develop and puts the crop and technological solutions in jeopardy. When resistant weeds develop, growers face additional costs required to control them – unplanned herbicide applications, intense manual labor, devalued land and, in extreme cases, total crop loss.

Bayer’s Integrated Weed Management (IWM) stewardship program is dedicated to providing viable IWM strategies and solutions to enhance agricultural productivity and secure food supplies in the long term.

Bayer supports IWM through its efforts around advocacy, research and education in addition to offering growers customized solutions for weed control.

Managing and Facilitating Change

Bayer is working to preserve growers’ access to existing technology by actively engaging with stakeholders and government officials to explain the needs and benefits of herbicide technology for growers and consumers alike.

Research and Development

Bayer is constantly striving for innovation by heavily investing in R&D. Built upon a successful history discovering a multitude of herbicide and safener technologies, Bayer has invested $1 million in North American research facilities dedicated to better understanding resistance mechanisms and testing and development of new tools to manage resistant weed populations.


Bayer is engaging with farmers, consultants and distributors to share knowledge on weed control by:

  1. Utilizing advisory committees to create one voice for the industry on best management practices in addition to partnering with industry-leading organizations like the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC), Take Action and the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) to promote these best management practices.

  2. Providing tailored services such as training, prevention and detection tools, proactive management strategies, Bayer Showcase Days field demonstrations and agronomic support through the Bayer Agronomic Services Team.

  3. Providing Integrated Weed Management solutions including seeds, traits and innovative crop protection products.

Portfolio of Integrated Weed Management Solutions

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Additional Resources

For additional resources, explore the Learning Center for helpful articles and videos on how to proactively manage tough-to-control and resistant weeds. Download the Trait and Technology Use Manual for the latest details on trait and technology offerings from Bayer.

1As reported by Stratus Ag Research, Glyphosate Resistance Tracking: USA 2017.
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