Integrated Weed Management and Respect the RotationTM

Respect the Rotation™ is a weed management stewardship program under the Crop Science Weed Management Initiative that elevates the importance and grower adoption of herbicide diversity through the rotation of crops and traits and the use of multiple herbicide modes of action (MOAs.)

Overreliance on a single weed-control method causes resistant weeds to develop and puts the herbicide-tolerant system used and the ability to grow a crop in a specific field in jeopardy. When resistant weeds develop, farmers face the additional costs required to control them—unplanned herbicide applications, intense manual labor, and in extreme cases, total crop loss. Integrated Weed Management practices help to preempt these issues and result in successful management of resistant weed populations.

Integrated Weed Management techniques are effective in reducing problems with herbicide tolerant and or herbicide-resistant weed biotypes. It is best to use multiple practices to manage or delay resistance, as no single strategy will be completely effective on its own.

  • Rotate crops. Crop rotation diversifies weed management.
  • Rotate herbicide-tolerant traits. Alternate herbicide-tolerant (HT) traits and/or use HT trait stacks for more efficient rotation.
  • Use multiple herbicide modes of action. Use tankmix partners and multiple effective MOAs during both the growing season and from year to year to reduce the selection pressure of a single MOA.
  • Know your weeds, know your fields. Closely monitor problematic areas with difficult-to-control weeds or dense weed populations.

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