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    42-S THIRAM FUNGICIDE42-S Thiram Seed Treatment Fungicide
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    • Thiram seed treatment is an industry standard with contact activity against multiple seedborne and soilborne fungi in vegetables and sugarbeets.
    ABSOLUTE MAXXAbsolute Maxx Fungicide
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    • Energizes your corn plant through stress tolerance;Effective on all major fungal diseases at tassel under light to moderate pressure;Excellent on rust diseases in corn and wheat;Promotes all-around plant health to maximize yield potential
    ACCELERON SEED APPLIED SOLUTIONSAcceleron® Seed Applied Solutions
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    • A powerful array of seed treatment technologies: fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and bio-enhancers.
    ADAMENT 50 WG FUNGICIDEAdament 50 WG Fungicide
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    • Broad spectrum fungicide for the control of certain diseases in tree nuts
    ADMIRE PRO SYSTEMIC PROTECTANTAdmire Pro Systemic Protectant Insecticide
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    • Controls several key insects and helps stop transmission of certain vectored viral diseases in several crops
    AERIS SEED-APPLIED INSECTICIDE-NEMATICIDEAeris Seed-Applied Insecticide-Nematicide
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    • Aeris® seed-applied insecticide/nematicide for cottonseed represents advanced technology tailored for today’s crop production. With Aeris, growers benefit from the broadest seed-applied spectrum of protection against early season insect and nematode pressures, thus establishing healthier, stronger seedlings and root systems.
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    • Systemic fungicide for phytophthora control
    ALION HERBICIDEAlion Herbicide
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    Icon of Alion HerbicideHerbicide
    • Long lasting residual weed control;Weed resistance management;Environmentally friendly
    ALLEGIANCE FL SEED TREATMENT FUNGICIDEAllegiance FL Seed Treatment Fungicide
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    • Allegiance® Seed Treatment Fungicide provides systemic protection for the seed, roots and emerging plants against devastating diseases such as Pythium, systemic downy mildew and Phytophthora. It provides protection for early planted crops and helps produce healthier, more vigorous and uniform stands. Allegiance is applied at very low rates per acre, making it friendly to the grower, seed and environment.
    AUTUMN SUPER 51 WDG HERBICIDEAutumn Super 51 WDG Herbicide
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    • Foliar control of winter annual, biennial, perennial and annual broadleaf weeds;Rotate to corn or soybean
    AXIOM DF HERBICIDEAxiom DF Herbicide
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    Icon of Axiom DF HerbicideHerbicide
    • For weed control in winter wheat, fall seeded triticale, perennial grasses grown for seed, timothy grown for seed or hay, field corn, and soybeans.
    BALANCE FLEXX HERBICIDEBalance Flexx Herbicide
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    • New safener technology;Tank mix with atrazine premix products for Preemergent weed control;Excellent foundation for two pass programs