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Growing the future and protecting today the right way through safety, responsibility, and sustainability.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Bayer is working hand in hand with agriculture associations, grower groups, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency to keep viable chemical products available for growers.

Every day we work together with our agriculture partners to create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders so the United States continues to have the safest food, fiber, lawn and home care products in the world.

Responsible stewardship is not only the right choice for Bayer; it’s what our customers, users, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders expect from us.

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Explains and promotes the proper and responsible use of its products


Manages product identity, integrity, 
and quality


Meets or exceeds all government, industry, and self-imposed requirements and regulations


Manages market impacts associated 
with product introduction


Continues stewardship of products throughout their entire lifecycles

Bayer Technology Stewardship Agreement


Growers who want to purchase or plant seed containing Bayer Technologies are required to have a signed, current, and active Technology Stewardship Agreement ("TSA"). To gain access to the latest Bayer seed and trait technologies, you can read and sign a TSA at www.agcelerate.com. AgCelerate is an industrywide technology licensing platform where you can view the current terms of the TSA and manage your contact information.

The current TSA also can be found in the Technology Use Guide ("TUG"), located at tug.bayer.com. The TUG is a concise source of technical information about Bayer's current portfolio of biotechnology-enabled products.

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Integrated Weed Management


Growers have multiple tools available to them to control weeds and help reduce the risk of developing herbicide-resistant weeds. Integrated weed management includes following proper stewardship practices before, during, and after the application of crop protection products. Responsible use of weed control technologies is essential to help ensure that growers can count on them for years to come.

Remember, a pesticide applicator must always follow all product label requirements for all crop protection products.

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Insect Management


The risk of developing insect resistance is real but may be reduced with proper planning. To help preserve the effectiveness and benefits of Bacillus thuringiensis ("B.t.") technology, growers are required to develop and follow an insect resistance management ("IRM") plan.
Growers who purchase corn seed (and in some cases cottonseed) that contains B.t. technology must plant a refuge as part of their IRM plan. Refuge size, configuration, and management are described in detail in the IRM Grower Guide found on corn seed bag tags and in the Corn and Cotton sections of the Bayer TUG.

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Intellectual Property


Bayer is committed to seed intellectual property protection and is a member of the Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance.

For questions about seed intellectual property stewardship or to report a compliance concern, please call 1-866-99-BAYER or submit a Contact Request.

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