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Aliette® Fungicide
Exceptional Disease Control

True, Two-way Systemic Protection against Disease

Aliette® fungicide delivers true, two-way systemic protection against Phytophthora, downy mildew and other diseases. With multiple modes of action, Aliette attacks pathogens at various growth stages for better overall disease control. Its unique action not only attacks and controls fungi on contact, but also stimulates the plant's own defense mechanisms.

Aliette Key Benefits

Exceptional Disease Control
Multiple modes of action control devastating vegetable diseases including downy mildew. Pathogens are attacked at multiple growth stages for better overall disease control.
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Systemic Activity
Travels upward and downward throughout the plant, creating a complete barrier of protection while preventing wash-off. This protects quality and yields for a better return on investment.
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Unique Protection
Inhibits spore production, thereby preventing transmission of disease to neighboring plants.

Effective Against

Alternaria brown spot of Florida citrus (suppression)
Phytophthora foot rot
Citrus canker (2(ee) Florida, suppression)
Downy mildew

Registered Crops

Leafy vegetables

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