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Product Information

No matter what you do, you’re always raising the bar. New Delaro® fungicide for corn and soybeans can help you get the edge you’re looking for. Delaro has a broader spectrum of disease control and best-in-class, dual mode of action residual. Plus, it improves plant health. So your top-performing hybrids and varieties will have the protection they need to help you achieve your personal best yields.

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched, Broad-Spectrum Disease Control – Formulated with two heavy-hitting modes of action, together maximizing control of even the toughest diseases
  • Best-in-Class Dual Mode of Action Residual – Unlike other corn and soybean fungicides, Delaro delivers long-lasting residual control from both its strobilurin and triazole components for extended performance
  • Improved Plant Health – Delaro promotes healthy, dark green leaves for improved photosynthesis and increases plant stress resistance to utilize the full genetic potential and yield of your seed  

Delaro on Corn

  • Unmatched preventative and curative defense against yield-robbing diseases, including gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, anthracnose leaf blight and southern rust
  • Improved harvestability thanks to strong, healthy stalks that promote nutrient flow throughout the grain fill period and with fewer downed plants
  • Application flexibility at-tassel timing (VT to R2), in combination with a herbicide (V4 to V7) and/or in between (V8 to VT)
  • Delaro can be applied by air, by ground or by chemigation and can be mixed with adjuvants, herbicides, insecticides and micronutrients

Delaro on Soybeans

  • Unmatched preventative and curative defense against yield-robbing diseases, including frogeye leafspot, brown spot and aerial blight
  • Suppresses white mold in a way Trivapro®, Priaxor® and Headline® can’t
  • Fights disease resistance – versatile and powerful triazole fights strobilurin-resistant diseases and its dual modes of action are excellent tools against further disease resistance development

Key Pests

  • Corn: Gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, anthracnose leaf blight, southern rust
  • Soybeans: Frogeye leafspot, brown spot, aerial blight, white mold

Registered Crops

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Dry peas
  • Sugar beets

Priaxor and Headline are registered trademarks of BASF.
Trivapro is a registered trademark of Syngenta.

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