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Flint® Extra Fungicide
Proven Broad-spectrum Disease Control

Yield > Investment

Flint® is a powerful strobilurin fungicide that goes beyond outstanding disease control, offering enhanced value for growers thanks to several unique properties. The active ingredient forms a powerful barrier against infection and provides continued release into the leaf tissue. It also moves through leaf tissue with translaminar movement to protect both sides of the leaf.

Flint provides complete protection within hard-to-penetrate plant canopies. The fungicide stops both early and developing fungal diseases by preventing initial infection as well as secondary spread of diseases.

Flint Extra Key Benefits

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Excellent Control
Provides proven broad-spectrum disease control
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Long-lasting Control
Provides disease control for up to 21 days
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Higher Marketability
Disease protection creates improved fruit/vegetable quality

Effective Against

Powdery mildew

Registered Crops

Pome fruits
Root vegetables
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