Resistance Management for Luna® Fungicide

Unique SDHI Fungicide

The active ingredient in Luna fungicides–fluopyram–is not a carboxamide. Fluopyram shares the same SDHI mode of action with boscalid, fluxapyroxad and penthiopyrad, but fluopyram behaves very differently. It is the only member of the pyramide chemical group and differs in shape and in molecular flexibility from other SDHI fungicides. Luna/fluopyram continues to control boscalid-resistant isolates.

Integrated Disease Management

The effects of fluopyram on six major pathogens have been studied since 2005, and during this time, no shift in sensitivity has been observed. Resistance in this SDHI mode of action, which is a single-site mode of action, has been studied with other related active ingredients. The chance for resistance development is currently characterized as medium rather than high risk.

Mode of Action Rotation

As with most fungicides, Luna should be used in rotation with fungicides with other modes of action for best resistance management. Crop Science, a division of Bayer, recommends Luna Experience® not be rotated with other Group 3 (DMI) or Group 7 (SDHI) products, Luna Sensation® not be rotated with other Group 11 (QoI) or Group 7 (SDHI) products, and Luna Tranquility® not be rotated with other Group 7 (SDHI) or Group 9 products. For each product, follow FRAC guidelines listed on the label.
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