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Cotton and peanut growers have a partner in the season-long effort to control disease in their crops. Proline® fungicide is your go-to solution to help you manage disease all season long to preserve cotton yield potential and boost yield in peanut.

Advantages – Cotton

  • Manage disease at planting. Apply in-furrow or banded to suppress Rhizoctonia and Fusarium wilt.
  • Suppress in-season disease. Take advantage of convenient foliar application for management of target spot and rust, including Southwestern cotton rust.
  • Protect profit. Enhance your cotton profit by managing yield-robbing diseases all season.

Proline goes after diseases in cotton fields, even those under pressure from target spot, to protect yield potential

Source: University of Georgia,

You’re in Control of Cotton Yields with Proline

In trials testing products for control of target spot in cotton, Proline shows higher yield than other treatments and shows a positive return on investment.

Advantages – Peanut

  • Manage early-season diseases. Proline suppresses soil-borne and foliar diseases, including leaf spots, Rhizoctonia limb rot, CBR and southern stem rot, also known as white mold.
  • Convenient application. Apply in-furrow at plant or in a banded post-emergence application.

Peanuts treated with Proline on average yield more than 350 pounds higher than the base fungicide program alone.


Proline Adds Pounds to Peanut Yield

Proline Adds Pounds Chart

Proline consistently delivered higher yields in 48 three-way comparisons in trials managed by land-grant university researchers and independent consultants between 2009 and 2016.

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