Prosaro PRO® 400 SC Fungicide FAQ

Prosaro® PRO Product Overview

What is Prosaro® PRO fungicide?

Prosaro® PRO is a premium cereal fungicide with 3 active ingredients and 2 modes of action for the control of foliar and head diseases, like rusts and Fusarium head blight (head scab).

How does Prosaro® PRO work?

Prosaro® PRO is built with active ingredients that work preventatively and curatively, preventing infections from taking hold and stopping active infections from getting worse.

Why should I believe Prosaro® PRO works?

Prosaro® PRO has been tested in multiple states and growing conditions across the US. Trial work has demonstrated the ability of Prosaro® PRO to protect yields, combat disease, and retain and improve grain quality.

Chart showing results in prosaro pro trials with spring and winter wheat

Prosaro Product Specs

What diseases can I manage with Prosaro® PRO?

Prosaro® PRO fungicide controls most major leaf and head diseases in wheat, including head scab, leaf, stem and stripe rusts, septoria leaf spot, glume blotch, tan spot and powdery mildew. Prosaro® PRO also suppresses Ergot in wheat. For barley, Prosaro® PRO provides suppression of head scab and controls net blotch, powdery mildew, rusts and spot blotch. Learn more about Prosaro® PRO and the key cereal diseases it controls.

Prosaro® PRO Application and Use

When should I apply Prosaro® PRO?

The best conditions for growth and yield potential are also ripe for disease development: warm, humid weather.

Foliar disease in wheat and barley: apply at first sign of disease.

Head scab and Ergot in wheat: Prosaro® PRO is best applied preventatively; applications beginning when 75% of heads on main stem are fully emerged.

Head scab in barley: Prosaro® PRO is best applied preventatively; applications beginning when 100% of heads on main stem are fully emerged.

What is the shelf life of Prosaro® PRO?

Prosaro® PRO is a very stable formulation that can be stored for several years – and even longer under ideal storage conditions.

What are the best storage practices for Prosaro® PRO?

Ideal storage climate is at room temperature. Protect Prosaro® PRO from intense heat and prolonged freezing. If product does freeze, shake vigorously after thawing to re-suspended properly.

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