Stratego YLD

Product Information

Stratego® YLD fungicide features the latest in triazole technology for corn and soybeans. Offering two modes of action, it provides both preventive and curative activities and systemic movement to provide broad-spectrum, long-lasting disease control and higher yield potential. Stratego YLD can be applied to soybeans, or to corn early season and/or at tassel.

Key Benefits

  • Proven Disease Control - Highly effective on a broad range of diseases in corn, soybeans, barley and wheat.
  • Higher Yield Potential - Sustainable, long-lasting disease protection for improved profit potential.
  • Tankmix Compatibility - Compatible with most crop protection products, including herbicides, insecticides and adjuvants.
  • Low-Use Rate - Easier handling, storage and mixing.

Stratego YLD on Corn

  • Healthier, stronger plants with increased standability and improved harvestability
  • Improved Strength - Fosters stronger, healthier plants that are better able to stave off environmental stresses

Early Season Application (V4-V7)

  • Low application rate of only 2 oz/A. Applying Stratego YLD early season is a great solution even when commodity prices are lower. Early season application not only lowers the product cost but also saves time and money as you are applying as a tankmix option during your post herbicide application.
  • Higher ROI: Lower application rate at early season timing + an average bushel increase of 7 bu/A = higher ROI when applied V4-V7
  • Tankmix compatible with postemergence herbicides: Saves on additional application cost when tankmixed with planned herbicide application

At-Tassel Application (VT-R3)

  • An average 12 bu/A increase when sprayed at-tassel
  • Easy aerial application
  • Flexibility to spray later in the season and still cure fungal diseases
  • Reduced risk of lodging and green snap
  • Preventive and curative activity against anthracnose leaf blight, eyespot and other diseases

Stratego YLD on Soybeans

  • Delivers preventive and curative activity against frogeye leaf spot, Septoria brown spot and other disease for improved profit potential
  • An average yield increase of 3-4 bu/A
  • Tankmix compatible with most crop protection products, including herbicides, insecticides and adjuvants
  • Protects soybean plants from disease with rates as low as 4 fl oz/A for traditional applications

Key Pests

  • Spot, Gray Leaf
  • Rusts
  • Anthracnose
  • Spot, Brown

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Registered Crops

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Cotton

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