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How Hail Led to Healthier Soybeans

Success Using Early Season Fungicide Applications in Corn

Mike Zwingman Audio Testimonial

Mike Zwingman – Agronomist with Central Valley Ag Coop in Nebraska – shares the advantages and positive results of Stratego® YLD applications on corn when applied both early and at-tassel.

Dr. Tom Allen Audio Testimonial

Dr. Tom Allen – Associate Extension and Research Professor at Mississippi State University – explains some of the recent plot results with R1 to R2 Stratego YLD applications on corn.

At-Tassel Fungicide Applications Improve Plant Health, Maximize Yields in Corn

Kyle Dixon Testimonial

“We’ve found Stratego YLD makes even more difference in dry years vs. a wet year. It might be just one less stress that an already stressed plant might not have limiting its potential.“

-Kyle Dixon, grower from Fulton, KY

Greg KneuBuhler Testimonial

“As far as Stratego YLD in particular, we like the multiple modes of action. We’ve seen some good response and good results as a result of that.”

-Greg KneuBuhler, Agronomist with G&K Concepts Inc. of Indiana

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